24th Jun 2006, 16:49

I got my Datsun 810 from my stepfather in 1986 when it had 26,000 miles on it. He bought it new in 1978. It now has about 87,000 miles on it (not sure of exact mileage because I had speedometer/odometer disconnected at 83,000 miles because the cable was making a lot of noise and speedometer needle moved erratically). The car is incredible. Acceleration great. Handles beautifully. And so pretty to look at! Everyone in New York would comment on the car every time I drove it. It's now in Florida and doesn't seem to attract the same attention. I had it re-painted beautifully (cost $4500) in the original metallic gold. Am thinking of selling it because I'm moving back to New York City where I don't need a car, but don't know what it's worth.

17th Jan 2007, 19:09

I enjoy my 1979 Datsun 810 2 door hardtop. I drive it daily. It has 110000 actual miles on it, 30000 of which I put on it since I purchased it from the original owner in 2003. It's a clean car complete with factory alloy wheels, five speed trans, a/c, etc. I could use some new plastic trim type pieces in the interior, but those parts are virtually impossible to find. 24 mpg, never gives me any trouble except for a cracked windshield which I'm in the process of replacing. I paid $500 for it and have put approximately $1000 more in it since. I intend to drive it until it won't run anymore.

3rd Apr 2015, 00:25

I have an 82 Maxima. I live near Seattle. I've never known the D.O.T. to use salt on the roads except in the mountain passes, but de-icer and sand is the norm for the lowlands.

My car has minimal rust on that trim piece above the rear bumper. Other than that, the bottom is clean and rust free.

The 810/Maxima is a well built car. The legroom isn't so great unless you're 5'10" and under. The rear springs sag prematurely. The interior hates the sun and rots out more than it should.

Mine is the wonderful ld28 diesel, which purrs. A really great diesel engine for its day.

Parts for the diesel engine are around, but never same day at the auto parts store. The alternator/vacuum pump re mans are not as good as the new Hitachi units.

A great car for an average size person.

5th Apr 2015, 17:46

I had a new, smaller beige 210 sedan 4 speed, given as a Christmas present by my wife back in the early 80s. She saved up from her job and gave it to me. At the time I had a 60 mile round trip commute to work. I had a 1978 Monte Carlo as well at the time. Great car, but had a V8. The little 210 was a great thrifty work car, cheap to insure and served me well. It was a very reliable car for the time. Never had any issues with it. It wasn't the most exciting car, but it meant a lot to me that it was a Christmas present. I am retiring this year, and actually wouldn't mind owning it today. Some of the cars I had later were not as reliable.