11th Feb 2008, 07:18

My 16 yr old son just received a 76 B 210 for his b-day from his grandparents. What a beauty it is; all original car mustard yellow, perfect black vinyl interior, auto trans, and it turned 27,000 miles when I pulled in to DMV for new tags! It almost seemed like a sin to cut holes in the door panels for stereo speakers. The little hatchback should provide him years of enjoyment and good economical transport. It makes me consider looking for another for myself.

12th Mar 2008, 09:38

I own a 1978 "Honey Bee" b 210. My sister bought it new for under $2000. The speedometer stopped working at 350,000 miles, about 8 years ago. Purrs like a kitten. Almost 50 mpg. I finally wore the driveshaft out and now cannot find a replacement bushing that meshes the driveshaft to the transmission. Boo-Hoo. I love this car, but don't know what to do? Any suggestions? Tim 423 821-5815.

3rd May 2008, 21:31

My first car was the Datsun 210 hatchback- 1978. The dealer was trying to get me to go with the F10, but I wasn't interested in the front wheel drive and free air conditioning.

We don't see any F10s around anymore BTW.

That B210 was the greatest. It did drive me crazy one summer when it would routinely, predictably stall and go dead, say, when I'd exit the freeway or stop at a light.

Went crazy rebuilding the carb twice, trying this and that, and then found moisture in the distributor cap.

The B210 also ate the wires like mad, too.

Got a new cap and wires and it ran fine.

11th Jun 2008, 23:39

My dad gave me his 1978 B210 Gx in 1986. I learned how to drive on it; had the dogbone 5 speed, and didn't drive anything else.

The day I got my license, I took the car across country, and even to Canada and Mexico, and that was just the same year gas was under a $1.00 gallon.

I had the car for 3 years, then the head gasket went over the grapevine in Southern Cal. Had it fixed, but then it used a quart of oil every tank of gas, so got rid of the car.

Always loved that car, so for Fathers Day I just picked up a 1978 B210 GX with the dogbone 5 speed; needs lots of work, and is hard to find parts for, but it's all worth it. I'm going to surprise my dad with it this Sunday; he will get a laugh.

I am still looking for another one, maybe in better condition, then I can use this one for parts.

The only thing is this one has the tach; mine didn't, but mine had the A/C, and this one doesn't.

Anyways, always loved the car of all the cars I ever had over the years.

22nd Jun 2008, 20:04

If anyone can help me out with a Datsun 5-speed transmission from August 1979 to 1982 Datsun 210. This can be from a coupe, sedan or wagon.

The input and output shafts should be 20mm (about 25/32") diameter and 18 spline.

The serial number on top of the bell housing should begin with the letter "F" (FL, FA, FX etc. OK). The number "60" is cast into the right side of the main case. These transmissions come from the Datsun 210, but the model number for these cars, embedded in the Serial Number, is B310. The model number for the transmission, FS5W60A, is sometimes found on the Serial Number plate on the firewall. This is not found on the transmission.

I also need to get the gearshift lever, throwout bearing carrier and clutch release fork.

You can contact me at 905-617-3773 or Joe@JoePecharich.com.

Thank you.


11th Jul 2008, 19:41

It was 1981 when I bought my 1976 mustard yellow hatchback B210, and I still remember where and how much it cost to fill the tank. From empty it cost me $8.10.

Needless to say, as a teenager I caught a lot of hard times for not having a muscle car, but then again my Dad knew I was a lead foot and only allowed me a four cylinder vehicle. The fix to that was to race in my friends cars.

It was by far the most ugly car I have ever owned, and had a hard time pulling the hills in the Ozarks. It ate brakes like a mad giant, and the timing was always inconsistent. I timed it at least once a week, but still got that annoying backfire after a total release from the accelerator.

I drove my 210 for 7 years. It was easy and cheap to fix, easy on the pump and most times very reliable. Bang for the buck this was the best car I ever owned, even though it was ugly.

27th Jul 2008, 13:05

Well I just inherited a 1979 datsun 210 wagon from my grandma. I drive a big giant suburban now, and hate the darn thing. Gas is killing me!! Needless to say, I'm so excited to have a wonderful gas saver! My 15 year old daughter is embarrassed to be in it, but now I can take her anywhere without it costing 20 to 30 bucks to get there (one way). Actually it's about 135.00 to fill the tank. Ouch that car is killing us. Now I'm in search of a good cheap paint job, and sheep skin seat covers. Very excited about this car. I read everyones comments on them and they sound like great cars to have. Thanks Grandma!!

11th Aug 2008, 21:33

Best friend and I drove a B210 cross country, leaving 6/24/74, the day after HS graduation. That car took us cross country and back for <$200...including a side trip to Mexico. Gas was $.54 a gallon, and that was during the 'gas crisis'!

Glad to see this car has been memorialized and revered, at least by a few. At 40mpg, perhaps she should be re-introduced? Except that everyone wants more lux, and no one drives a 5-speed anymore.

Gas crisis? Maybe we're all way too spoiled. It's about transportation, isn't it?

14th Apr 2009, 19:44

I'm George from Orlando, Florida.

I'm looking for a B210 (76-78) if anyone knows or have one for sale. I used to have 3 of them while back in the late 80' early 90's, and back them, you find them everywhere, but not now. I want it to have one back, I love those Datsuns and I don't mind restored, but at least the car has to be drivable.

Please contact me at anakin1961@hotmail.com


6th Jun 2009, 15:59

I bought a 1978 B210 sedan new from the dealer. While some say the engine performance is poor that is for the automatic. The 4 speed manual ran through the gears just fine, plus it averaged ten more miles to the gallon. This car was rated 39 MPG on the highway and I got 40 mpg. It had something I was told was rare, factory air. I heard that AC was installed by the dealer under the dash, this had an in the dash unit shipped from the factory.

The fastback models came with a 5 speed manual and got 50 mpg on the highway. I understand the engine was the same and the 5th gear was really like an overdrive.

I guess the seats were for the average Japanese male and my 5' 9' 180 lb frame bottomed out the seat springs. I added extra cushions for the seat bottom and back and solved that problem. Made long distance driving very comfortable.

The seats also reclined back all the way down. For a long drive I would park an hour before dawn and let the seat back and nap until the sun woke me.

The rear trunk held more than I expected though nothing like a Lincoln would. Still it held everything I needed.

If I had a garage I would get a sedan from that era, '76 or before because of no emissions testing requirements. Ad a 5 speed manual. I also wonder how that little engine would perform if converted to electronic fuel injection, ought to be nice pick up, smooth running and good mpg.