23rd Jul 2005, 09:16

How is the Northstar conversion coming? I would love to see pictures. Contrary to some opinions here, I see no problem at all with the notion of putting a Northstar (and I could think of some other possible conversion candidates as well) in a DMC. I think the person who made the statement shuddering at the thought of doing this was just biased. It is your car... do what you want.

I do however think, that the conversion will be a daunting project, and from what I am reading (I do not own a Delorean, but love them), there are a lot of components available for your stock powertrain. Also, (somebody correct me if I am wrong), updated engines with more power and refinement, utilizing that same block, are readily available and will bolt right in.

The Northstar is a great engine, and is one which I will definitely state I am partial to. However, as I am sure you know, attempting to adapt one to the DMC-12 may be opening a can of worms. It sounds like it would be highly impressive if it works out, but I will admit, is not something I would personally try.

That said, if you did in fact start (or perhaps have even completed) this project, I would love an update.

9th Sep 2005, 11:04

Who cares what other people think, just give the car a good motor. They are a great looking car don't worry about being original live the dream!

14th Sep 2005, 15:08

To the original poster- Are you kidding?!?!? You CANNOT use Brillo it will create the appearance of rust by the filament getting into the stainless grain. ANYONE who has owned a Delorean for more than a month knows that! I wonder about your ownership credentials...

27th Sep 2007, 16:32

I've owned a DeLorean for about 10 years and have never seen RUST from the use of brillo. that's right I use Brillo to clean my 1982 DMC. it works great!!! but go with the grain not up and down. seriously I've always used brillo followed by soap and water, Dry, then apply a stainless spray cleaner after all is said and done.

1st Nov 2011, 06:04

The car was built in Belfast, NORTHERN IRELAND.

NOT THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAND. John DeLorean got a grant of £100,000,000 from the UK Government who govern Northern Ireland, so the Irish Government had no involvement whatsoever.

13th Jul 2013, 19:33

What are you talking about? GM has just as many problems with their engines and transmissions as any American manufacturer. Head gaskets, leaking water pumps, piston slap, knocks, horrid oil consumption (1 quart in 1,000 miles - which GM tries to state is normal), the 3800 eat catalytic converters, the 3.6 liters are a nightmare. Just had to name a few.

Really better? Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying GM is a bad company, but if their stuff is any better, it's not THAT much better. I'm no Chrysler or Ford fanatic either.