14th Apr 2004, 13:49

I'm not talking about a MustangII with a 90 hp motor. I'm talking about a 1968 Fastback with a 390 4-speed. Don't dis Mustangs. PEACE OUT BRO!!!

15th Apr 2004, 11:50

I have a friend who has a 93 Grand am Gt thast did 120 mph. A GRAND AM GT C'MON!!!

3rd May 2004, 12:09

Can't come back on that one? That is because obviously Delorean isn't so great.

26th May 2004, 11:36

So we are not talking the Pinto based Mustang II, or the current Fairmont based Mustang, but the Falcon based Mustang? WHATEVER? See, cheap shots and be thrown at any car, and the Mustang is a highly visible target. If it's about power, well, hate to tell ya bud, but there are A LOT of cars that will chew your Mustang up, and spit it right out when it comes to it's stock performance. And performance in more directions than a straight line. Is the DeLorean one of them? No. That's not my point though. The point is no matter what you have, someone has a car faster than yours, in better condition than yours, more rare than yours, more valuable than yours, more expensive than yours, more desired than yours, etc. There is ALWAYS something better than what you have, and most of what one considers "better" is only subjective.

Personally, I like the DeLorean because it was NOT a mass produced run of the mill everyday car like the Mustang, Firebird, Camaro, Corvette, etc. It's rare, unusual, and a work of automotive design art. If it doesn't fit your personal taste, okay, so what? And don't misunderstand me. I've owned a Mustang, a Camaro, and currently own a Corvette. I have a great appreciation for all those cars, but none of them are ANYTHING like a DeLorean, and a DeLorean is NOTHING like any of the others. You're comparing apples and oranges. That's obvious when you tried comparing a car made in '68 to a car made in '81. If you don't understand the difference between these two eras of US automobile production, and why they are SO very different, then you need to do a little reading about history. When you compare a DeLorean to the other cars produced during it's three model years, it's suddenly not so slow. It's performance is in league with the F-bodies, Vettes and Mustangs of those years.

But hey, if you're having trouble comprehending what I've said, and still want to compare your '68 Mustang Fastback to an '81 DMC-12, then let me draw a couple comparisons of my own. How about your archaic '68 Stang vs. a '04 Z06 or '04 Viper SRT-10. Hmmm, suddenly we have another lopsided comparison don't we.

3rd Aug 2004, 15:46

$25K for a DeLorean?

Unless it has less than 10K miles, you got ripped.

There are at least half a dozen DeLoreans available on cars.com right now for well under $25K.

3rd Sep 2004, 12:19

I think the guy who wrote about Mustangs needs to check his sources. 2003 Mustang GT could easily compete with a Corvette. Don't even say "well I am talking about 6-cylinders."