28th Jan 2005, 11:51

Although I do not own a DeLorean : (I feel I must say that I agree that both of these are OBVIOUSLY written by the same person, in both articles they bought the car from an owner who abused it, and both say something about the car not handleing well at 65mph, but doing great at 140. Where can you drive it at 140mph I ask you. It is obvious that the car would do better at 65 than at 140 and it is also obvious that the person who wrote both of these articles was criticized, and made the second article in the name of someone he made up to back himself up in the first article.

Thank you for your time.

29th Jan 2005, 13:37

Me again, the one that doesn't own a DeLorean (yet!) but another question. If the suspension was designed to go 100mph+, then why did many of the DeLoreans manufactured only go to a top speed of 85mph?

31st Jan 2005, 11:03

The speedometer was only allowed to read up to 85mph due to American law at the time. The engine/transmission never changed throughout the cars production (excluding the handful of twin turbos). From what I am told, the car will do around 130+mph if driven hard.

11th Apr 2005, 08:55

Please do not waste precious server space.

25th May 2005, 00:59

Apparently there's still a lot of interest generated by the DeLorean automobile. Another exotic car that did not "fly" (but deserved to) was the Chrysler Turbine car.

Now that was a beautiful machine with an amazing, revolutionary turbine engine. The body was designed by Ghia of Italy. There is still a ton of interest in it, even though nearly all of them (55 cars?) were dismantled and crushed decades ago. Check it out on the web.

27th Nov 2006, 08:43

I agree that this guy is not speaking the truth. Maybe he does own a ratty Delorean that's why it wanders at 65mph (maybe he should try getting it tracked up if he actually owns one). Maybe the disappointment of his dream car not living up to his expectations is why he says it does 140mph. I do not own a Delorean, but to all those that own a fine example I salute you, they are a real icon. P. S has anyone ever seen the black triple rotor twin turbo Delorean? That's unlocking some serious potential.