1988 Dodge Aries LE 2.2L from North America


Awesome closet classic


Other than the body rot, not. Much!

General Comments:

Overall, great buy. My stepson picked it up for $500. It's used in every sense of the word. It fired right up and shifts and runs great. How many 30+ untouched originals can do that?

Simulates faux wood grain dash trim. AM/FM radio. Velour seats. Crank windows, manual seats. It screams economy.

As I stated to my stepson: "Right here is automotive history. Saved Chrysler, brought them back from the brink. Economy for $5,000 brand new. You won't win any races with it, but it will start every day and run despite your best efforts. Mid-high 20s for MPG, cheap parts, easy to fix. Can't go wrong for a first car!"

Paid $500, spent $200 in parts. Gas tank with pump, valve cover gasket, complete tune up, outer tie rods. Had it fixed up in a week. Replaced driver's side floor pan with an old stop sign I had laying around. No trouble codes and the lighter still works LOL!

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Review Date: 18th November, 2017

20th Nov 2017, 04:10

How do you "review" a car that has had ZERO miles driven since purchase?

20th Nov 2017, 08:51

Or comment on a car you never drove, ridden in or owned. Or any other personal connection. Just a google search. The guy just got it and his enthusiasm is still fresh enough to add a comment. I only rode in this model when new. A basic, practical car and was roomy front and back. Easy to get in and out of for a taller person. Not a lot to add, but some actual experience.

1988 Dodge Aries LE 2.4 liter from North America


The Dodge Aries is and will continue to be a great vehicle


When I first obtained the car, it needed a new fan motor for the radiator, and the internal fans for the AC/heater were clogged with debris built up over the years. Since then it has a small transmission fluid leak (which was easily fixed by tightening some hoses) and a brake fluid leak caused by a worn out wheel cylinder (which was easily replaced during a brake change).

General Comments:

The car is solid. No fiberglass panels!

The seats are pretty rigid and uncomfortable for long drives.

Age has worn on the shocks so the ride isn't as smooth as a newer car.

It may sound funny, but I absolutely love the steering wheel; it's large and easy to grip.

I like the bench front seat, which allows me plenty of leg and elbow room. It also makes for a streamlined dashboard.

The glovebox is relatively small.

The car gets decent MPG (I've been calculating every fill up since purchase). I've been averaging 22-24 MPG for my daily commute.

The vehicle has a LARGE trunk space.

All in all I'm happy with my Aries.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2016

22nd Apr 2016, 21:55

2.4 liter? Somebody put an engine out of an Avenger in it?

24th Apr 2016, 01:47

There is an 88 Aries wagon with only 83,000km original for sale in my local Craigslist car classifieds.

I almost went and bought it. It looks like a brand new 1988 vehicle. Will probably run as long as buying a brand new 2016 vehicle. Too many design flaws in new cars these days.

I just looked again today and the 88 wagon is still for sale on Van BC Craigslist. If I had unlimited storage I'd sell my 97 Civic HB and go buy the Aries as my secondary car. Where else can you buy a like-new 88 classic car for only $800 asking price? I bet they'd take $600 or even $500 at this point. A brand newish classic car for 500 or 600 bucks... it is only going to go up in value.

1988 Dodge Aries LE Wagon 2.5 from North America


Can't find a better deal!


Nothing yet.

General Comments:

After my personal economy collapsed a few years back, I had to get an inexpensive, older car. It was an 89 Dodge Aries. After driving that one for a year, I realized what a truly great car that it was.

I then went on a quest to find a station wagon. Now I have a back up if one needs to be in the shop and I have a vehicle to haul a larger than normal load. I absolutely love these classics and would challenge anyone to come up with a better automobile for the money!

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Review Date: 11th July, 2010

13th Jul 2010, 21:22

That's a good find with the low miles. The Chrysler 2.2 and 2.5 motors were insanely reliable; they run and run and run. Don't mind the little knocking noise if it develops one, it's "normal" and will keep on going.

I believe '89 was the last year they made the Aries, and production began in '81 or something like that. So they had plenty of time to get it right. We had an '88 Omni with well over 200k miles before we sold it, and it still had ice cold A/C from the factory.

The K-Car 4-banger motors lived on for years to come in the Dodge Shadow/Plymouth Sundance and Dodge Spirit/Plymouth Acclaim models of the 1990's.