7th Aug 2005, 14:42

This is for the user that left an insulting comment :

These cars are one of the best on the road, economical, and very low maintenence. This review gets an A+ for honestly. The longer these cars are around the better. Newer cars lack any quality control whatsoever.

7th Aug 2005, 17:49

I have to agree about sentimental value. I inherited my mother's 94 Tempo upon her passing in March. It had 29500 miles on it. I have spend about $1000 bringing the maintenance up to date and replacing tires, battery and belts due to lack of use of the car. The A/C in that car far surpassed my 04 Impala, which I love, might I add. The Aries is what it is, basic reliable transportation... which is more than can be said about a lot of newer cars these days. Long live your Aries!!!

4th Jan 2006, 12:24

If I remember, it was the K car that brought back Chrysler. This was the car that I learned to drive in, The little limo as my friend's called it in high school. For it's time, it was a great car that got you from A to Z in style. Whenever I see one on the road today, it takes me back to my high school years. Hail to the Aries/K-cars!!!

4th Jan 2006, 15:36

Aries and Tempos, ugh. They're cheap, but the claim that they are more reliable than new cars is, well, just ridiculous.

6th Jan 2006, 03:08

I don't own a K-car, but I do agree the boxy styling is distinct and refreshing in a way. I have a Caprice myself. They must be good cars if they took Chrysler out of bankruptcy when they were introduced.

1st Apr 2006, 23:53

I would gladly choose a 1988 Dodge Aries over a 1994 Ford Tempo on any given day.

16th Feb 2007, 20:20

I agree that the Dodge Aries is a great reliable vehicle. For the user that left the insulting comment, the K car has been demonized by people like you long enough. We love our K cars and they are classics in their own rights. They are reliable, solid, and saved Chrysler from bankruptcy. They represent an 80s era of automobiles that is being lost, as roughly 90-95 percent of American cars from the 80s are no longer on the road. When was the last time any of you saw an 81 Reliant? Not too many of them huh. That is why I have founded the Chrysler K Car Club of Southern California for the purpose of preserving the K car. My website is www.chryslerkcar.com. I am having a hard time recruiting members, due in part to people like the insulting user who spread negativity regarding the Dodge Aries.

19th Apr 2007, 12:20

I live in Florida and see these cars (along with Horizon/Omni) all the time (In fact every day as quite a few are in my area). The Chrysler engines (not the Mitsubishi) are known for running on and on. If you can avoid the rust problems all northern cars have and get one of these you will have a dependable and long lasting vehicle.

10th Jun 2008, 16:27

I purchased my 88 K-wagon LE for $490.00. Had the requisite rust spots but they were patched, and I have to admit the car is a joy to drive I have 186,000 miles. The engine is a beast for a 20yr old car. My 16 yr old son can't wait to get it.