1997 Dodge Avenger ES 2.5 from North America


I would not buy another 1997 Dodge Avenger


My transmission went bad at 120,000. First and second gears were completely shot. It costs $1500.00 to have it rebuilt.

Cup holder has broken two times.

The pins will not stay in the glove compartment, so it falls open.

I bent 3 of the factory rims, due to minor pot holes. It cost $175.00 to fix each time. I replaced the rims completely in 1999.

I have an oil leak coming from the head gasket.

The driver side window has broken away from the track.

There are a few other minor thing that I could fix myself.

General Comments:

I am disappointed with the take off speed, but I'm too old to worry about racing anybody.

I do sincerely like the appearance of the car, and it does turn heads.

I use to drive 600 miles per week with this car, and I put over 100,000 miles on it within three years. These were all highway miles.

If they were still making the Avenger, then I would buy another one for one of my kids. I have heard that a lot of the problems that I have had have been fixed.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2003

1st Mar 2005, 09:33

I my self got a 1997 avenger and I love it it has never seen the inside of a garage other than for an oil change or a tune up, but I live the style of the rims, but they are too weak all of my rims are bent so now I am useing rims off of a chevrolet :- (

7th Jan 2008, 01:09

I love my 97 Avenger. It is my first car, and only problem I had with it was the starter going out. Great car with awesome fuel mileage. My car right now has 208 000 km on it and it runs like a beauty. Even hit 230 km/h one time and it went real smooth (after removing speed limiter). My car has even been in an accident before and its still going. Only complaint is that you can't open your windows after a rainfall since your window control will get wet.

1997 Dodge Avenger ES 2.5 liter V6 from North America


Buy it, you'll like it!!!


Well, I haven't had it for very long and I got it used. I have noticed a few rattles and such, but nothing major...actually, it has been the best car I have owned... I once and I repeat, once, owned a Mitsubishi Eclipse (will never do so again) and I bought that car new, and my Avenger blows it away. I am now at 64,000 plus miles and it still runs like a new car. Although trunk has discolored a little from the rest of the paint.

General Comments:

The car is very sporty... but it is far to heavy for the engine it has. Even at a 2.5 liter V6 this car is just to heavy to be a Mustang killer... Dodge needs to find a way to make this car lighter... the body roll makes taking sharp turns at decent speed hard and it's takeoff acceleration needs to be just a bit quicker for such a big engine. Other than that, this car is a dream... perfect for someone that wants a sporty car, but can't afford a Porsche.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2002

29th Jul 2003, 18:22

I own a '95 ES and also love the car. I know that you said that you would never own another Mitsubishi Eclipse. I hate to break it to you, but the Avenger is it's big brother. They share most of the same parts, except for the chassis which is a Gallant. They are or rather were even built in the same factory in Norml, ILL. Of course, that's what makes these cars last so long. Just like Toyotas, Mitsubishis' if taken care of are hard to kill.

There are a few things to remember about these cars; the brakes go bad (design flaw), the paint (unless you have one of the two premium paints) will go bad. The moonroof has a nasty habit of sticking (open). Be careful not to pull the knob off of the stereo fader control because you cannot order another, anything lost from the radio requires a new head unit, and it is not cheap! Keep your tire pressure at factory specs, 31f/29r, I know that the tires will look "low", but that is the way they are. Failure to do this causes handling, brake, and suspention problems.

With that said, There is a lot to love about the Avenger. I'll mention just a few things. On the whole they are very well built. Very good for driving any distance (no worries and fun). Are good on gas.

The best thing about having one of these cars is that not everyone has one! I like to refer to these as "Viper's little brother", and that's not a bad thing.

17th Apr 2004, 20:43

I like what you said, but disagree with the comment about the weight. I own a 1999 Avenger ES with every option available, and it still weighs in under 3000 lbs. That's not a very common trait these days.

9th Aug 2005, 00:20

They actualy weigh 4222 lbs...