2008 Dodge Avenger SXT 2.7 from North America


Great vehicle and really underrated


Front brake pads twice.

Rear brake pads once.

Front wheel bearing.

General Comments:

Very reliable. Good power from the V6.

Excellent highway cruiser; I set the cruise control and can ride for hundreds of miles and I don't feel beat up when I get where I'm going. Excellent sound system to pass the miles.

I love the baby Charger styling and get a lot of complements on how quiet the engine is and the style of the body. It's a STX 2.7 engine with optional 18 inch low profile tires.

The beverage cooler works great and is a very good option.

I always bought Fords; the last two were very unreliable from brand new; Dodge is my new choice of vehicles.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2017

2008 Dodge Avenger SXT 2.7L V6 from North America


Lots of car for cheap; no more, no less


Transmission shifts late when cold outside. A bit better since a fluid flush.

Air filter box clip broke (replaced with aftermarket intake, common issue on these cars).

Power steering lines developed a bad leak at 136k ($600).

Power steering makes a grinding noise when it's cold outside (doesn't seem to affect anything).

Tie-rod ends, bushings, one control arm needed replacement at 135k ($800).

Rust on the inside rocker panels.

General Comments:

Acceleration is pretty good for a heavy car with a 2.7. Good passing power.

Starts very reliably in cold (-40 degrees - I mean COLD) weather.

GREAT value for the money.

Has a cool drink-chiller compartment.

Roomy cabin. Bland looking though.

I don't like the mesh on the seats. Tiny particles (sand, salt, whatever) easily get stuck in it and it's hard to vacuum out.

Lots of trunk space.

Repairs are relatively cheap.

Fuel economy is so-so. ~500KM on a tank; approximately 55L.

This is a really good car. It's been relatively reliable considering the mileage. I personally prefer a smaller car, but for those who like this style, you really can't go wrong with an Avenger. It's done everything I've asked of it.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2014

2008 Dodge Avenger SXT 2.7L from North America


Great value, good performance, reliable


Routine brake job was the only repair so far.

General Comments:

This car was manufactured in March 2008. I got it in March 2009 for under $12K all in, including taxes. The "catch"? It was a very high mileage ex daily rental. No regrets.

You cannot beat the value on used Avengers. They devalue fast, so buy one slightly used.

Gas mileage is great. Very comfortable for a family of four. Decent performance, and... no cookie cutter drab Asian looks.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2011

2008 Dodge Avenger SXT 2.4 from North America


Excellent car, very happy


Nothing to date. Just oil changes and regular maintenance.

General Comments:

I really like this car, and I did not think that I would. I switched to this Dodge after always driving GM cars. But the last two I owned were terrible (06 Impala, 03 Malibu).

For a four cylinder engine, it moves well, and gets excellent mileage, I've been getting 30+ on my highway commute to work on a regular basis. My 4 cylinder Malibu got mid 20's on a good day...

It's very quiet, both in town, and on the highway.

Roomy interior, although, compared to my Impala, it is smaller by quite a bit.

It has a lot of standard safety features, which is reassuring when my teenager drives it.

I like that I did not have to buy the higher end model to get heated seats and a factory remote start.

Drives and handles well in snow and slippery road conditions. The only real complaint is that the blind spots from the rear pillars are terrible. I have, however, since gotten used to them. The other two models I compared, the Ford Fusion and the Honda Accord, do not have this problem.

The Dodge dealer I purchased from has been fantastic, for both the purchase and the maintenance. A year later and I got a second follow up call asking how I like the car and if it's working for my lifestyle. I've never gotten any kind of follow up from my Chevy dealership...

All in all, I am very happy with this purchase. We are currently looking at replacing my Wife's (a little less problematic) Trailblazer with a 2011 Journey because of how happy we have been with this car.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2011

2008 Dodge Avenger SXT 2.4 from North America


Great driver with even better mpg


Nothing has gone wrong with this car.

General Comments:

Wonderful car, with great styling. Drives great in town and even better on the highway.

The 2.4 litre engine moves this car without a problem (37 mpg hwy). Though I would have gotten the six cylinder if I could have.

The interior is OK, though there's way too much plastic. It makes the car feel kind of cheap.

Other than that, I could not be more pleased with this vehicle.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2009

2008 Dodge Avenger SXT 2.4L from North America


I love this car, because it is very roomy and still gets 30MPG hwy


One recall on tire pressure monitoring system.

General Comments:

This is a sharp looking car.

Very comfortable and has many great standard features.

This is a review for the SXT model, the SE base model has far fewer standard feature and less available options.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2008

1st Jun 2008, 22:47

I'm very glad, actually excited that you like this car. I was reading some of the "Professional" reviews that of course, praise the imports while not giving this car enough credit. I've been looking at buying either the Avenger or Sebring. I drove one of each (both base models) and then drove some of the imports (Altima, Sonata, Camry. The only one that I liked was the Sonata. However, neither of the three seemed to be as "bang for the buck" as the Avenger/Sebring. Im looking forward to buying my own:-)