29th Dec 2017, 05:54

You ever wondered why interior is failing? Because it was a company car before you bought it.

Company cars are pampered? LOL

They might be "maintained", but they are driven by people who do not own them, therefore they do not care about them.

31st Dec 2017, 13:02

I can absolutely dispute that company cars are generalized as not being kept up and maintained. I have worked at 3 different companies with a company provided car at each one. All very good organizations. There’s zero cost out of pocket expense by the individual. We have various individuals with them. Personally with the dozen or more I have over the years, they go in for any issue. Kept clean in and out, not smoking or eating in them. We have to totally rely on them essentially as an important tool to ensure making appointments etc. We use Enterprise when they are left for a while or daily swap to another vehicle. We also bring them home. In fact many other people within our company wish to buy ours at turn in time. Kept washed and detailed often to be presentable with customers. Even our trucks have detailed maintenance records and logs kept. They are kept inside at night in a heated building, so even they are not exposed to the elements after 4:30 pm.

I have personal cars too. They do not get all the service interval published manual schedules that my company ones do. I do drive a lot. For no other reason it’s for feeling peace of mind making it back home being over 2-3 hours or more away. Also the company has allowed me upgrades in vehicles as they see how mine are well kept. Interesting enough, some now opt for actually buying their own vehicles with an allowance. There is a higher monthly allowance allotted for hybrid vehicles vs less efficient ones. But even they are given a charge card for gas, repairs etc.

My wife drives her personal vehicle to work. Then uses various shared company provided ones as well during the days she goes out. But it is not a daily situation like myself. It must be returned at the end of the work day. And are even GPS tracked; I have mine 7 days a week. A great company benefit that saves on financial outlay, insurance, depreciation etc; it’s no big struggle to at least keep them decent. Anybody getting any of my former ones has a really nice car. With nice Michelins, brakes, etc.