1991 Dodge Caravan SE 3.3 V6 from North America


I will never part with it


Fuel Pump and Filter were replaced a week after purchase.

Speed Sensor is going bad.

Alternator has been replaced.

Brake Caliper came off rotor.

C.V. Half Shafts click in left hand turns.

Metallic Blue paint is peeling bad.

General Comments:

3.3L V6 is very torquey and quick.

This thing will roast the tires most of the way up the street.

Not to mention the A/C is ice cold.

The van was rolled a year ago, and still runs like a champ.

Even though the body is rough, it is still a very attractive vehicle.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2007

1991 Dodge Caravan SE 3.0L V6 from North America


Dependable Old Gal


Approx 295,000km: starter motor replaced; front brake pads and rotors.

299, 318km: oil leak repair - gaskets and cam plugs, drain plug gasket.

301,533km: alternator replaced.

315, 453km: rear brakes: shoes, drums, cylinders, lines.

328, 388km: front brakes and rotors.

330,985km coolant leak: small by-pass hose ruptured and was leaking.

Approx 386,000km: gas line leak due to rust.

Sliding door can be difficult to close at times very recently... I can open, but hubby has to close it. It was lubricated and this seemed to help for a time.

Air conditioning has never worked while we've had it - cost isn't worth the repair.

Paint (white) has de-laminated and peeled terribly, but at least no one wants to steal our van!

Rust is now significant underneath and is the only reason we are looking for something new. It was an East coast car in its early life and now it shows...

General Comments:

We have really enjoyed our van and feel it has been a good value, especially for the high km.

The van handles very well - car-like. It does well in the abundance of rain we get and good in the snow when we've had it.

The engine (3.0L) and transmission (3spd) have run flawlessly. Although we have had to replace engine seals this is expected for the 3.0L.

The interior is very comfortable and has held up very well, although we wish the benches had headrests. We have 3 young children in car seats who are sad that we are shopping for another vehicle!

We have enjoyed this van and she has served us well. The rust has cut short her useful life or we would likely keep another 1-2 years!

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Review Date: 20th February, 2006

1991 Dodge Caravan SE 3.3 from North America


Nice ride, overall not a bad vehicle


Replaced axles 10 times.

Currently is down due to axles.

What we have learned the hard way...

We had to get axles custom rebuilt, as most axles are after market and have an inherent defect.

The axles must be replaced as a set at the same time, regardless if only one is bad.

Also, the motor mounts must be replaced at the same time.

There is no exception to this rule.

Otherwise you will continue to break axles.

Our side door has fallen off due too bad track more than once.

We had to replace the alternator @ 130K.

We had to replace the AC and use an AC eliminator pulley @ 140K.

Headlights are foggy due to moisture problems.

The transmission was replaced around 120K just before we got it.

The fuel pump sounds like a jet engine.

It has no true power going up hills.

It runs just absolutely awful with gas that is from GO Mart - almost left my wife stranded in the middle of nowhere, more than once due to the bad fuel.

This vehicle is very fussy about gas grade.

We have discovered that the original owner was terribly abusive to the vehicle and failed to properly maintain it.

The paint is peeling on roof and hood, dead center on both - go figure.

The door struts for rear door have long since lost their get up and go.

General Comments:

Other than the axle problems, we are very pleased with the van.

It is a very comfortable van.

It is nice and roomy and we can put all kinds of household project stuff in it.

The seats are removable - we really like that.

We can VERY comfortably fit 7 people for long trips and no one complains about soreness or stiffness from the ride.

It gets about 22 mpg on highway and around 18 more or less in city.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2006