1991 Dodge Caravan Base 2.5 EFI from North America


Very useful vehicle. More room inside than your typical SUV. Mini-vans rule over SUVs!!


The fuel pump was the only thing that left us stranded. All other repairs were for maint. purposes. While under warranty from the Chrysler Service Contract, a new cylinder head was installed just to "freshen it up". 2 lower control arm/ball joint assemblies were replaced along with many other misc. parts. A new timing belt was replaced by my husband in Aug 2002 before a friend and I took a 1500 mile trip.

General Comments:

Being my second Chrysler mini-van, I will say that they make the best! Both of my vans have been great vehicles. My son still owns my first (88 Voyager) with over 150,000 miles on it. It is very comfortable to drive, and has a smooth quiet ride. The 4 cyl does not make this as fast as my 6 cylLeBaron conv. but mini-vans are not sport cars. And it has enough to merge into hi way traffic. Once it gets up to 55 - 65 mph, it has little trouble maintaining speed as long as there are no steep long hills. To sum it all up, both of my mini-vans have been very good!!

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Review Date: 10th December, 2002

22nd Feb 2004, 23:47

Hi before replaceing the fule pump, did the van died without warning? We have replaced the fuel pump and other things And it stills dies. Any help would be wonderful thank you.

1991 Dodge Caravan Grand 3.3 V6 from North America


Empty out your wallet!


At 105,000 miles I had to MAKE a gasket for the rear differentiall cover, since they don't make them anymore!

At 113,000 miles I had to replace the starter.

At 115,000 miles the rocker arm shaft snapped in half and really goofed things up. Luckily my dad knows how to work on cars, so I only had to spend around $80 on fixing it.

Currently the master cylinder leaks, but I don't plan on working on that until I absolutely have to.

General Comments:

I don't know what the hell it is with Dodge vehicles. The first minivan I owned was the '86 Dodge Caravan, with that damn Mitsubishi 4-cyl. engine. Well, with that one, I had to have the head replaced, the radiator, the struts. It got me to Georgia and back twice (from MI), so I guess I don't have room to complain, that and it was pushing 200,000 miles by the time a valve snapped off and gnawed a hole through a piston. It got me $100 for parts, anyhow.

This one hasn't been too bad, but if it starts to become a money pit, it's off to the yard with a FOR SALE sign on it.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2002

1991 Dodge Caravan 3.0 L V6 from North America




Gee, nothing major really (besides the numerous recalls), amazing as that may seem.

It started to leak oil from the head at about 110,000 Km and the leaks are getting progressively worse as time goes on. But I've read that this is normal for the 3.0 L V6 (It shouldn't be normal for a quality manufacturer, but seeing that it is Chrysler, I'm just happy that it's lasted this long).

The drivers seat lumbar support caved in early (pre 40,000 Km). I get a sore back if I spend any time in the seat.

The transmission (3 speed auto) shifts rough into high gear if not under acceleration (another normal Chrysler trait).

I don't take it in for regular maintenance checks so there could be a few other things wrong.

General Comments:

Generally it's a piece of junk. I have been lucky so far and have had no major repairs. Lots of my friends weren't so lucky with theirs.

The finish quality is the pits. Squeaks and rattles come from everywhere.

This is my first and last Chrysler product. At the time I bought it there wasn't a lot of alternatives being offered by Asian or European manufacturers and money was tight. Today, I would definitely opt for a Toyota or Honda Mini-Van.

Bottom line - If you are going to buy a Chrysler you know the quality will be marginal at best. It's a crapshoot with the odds against you, but hey! Somebody has to win. I'm glad it was me!

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Review Date: 17th August, 2001

27th Jan 2002, 14:44

I'm sorry to hear you didn't have much luck with your Caravan. I on the other hand have had very good luck with my 1991 Dodge Caravan. I had the 2.5 I4 and had no problems except either the head gaskets or the oil pump (which was my fault for the way I drove it). My opinion is you should give Chrysler another chance, because the 3.0 V6 was not a Chrysler motor. It was a Mitsubishi motor. I can relate to the way you feel about that motor because I had two in my two 1991 Dodge Dynasty and they were not as good as Chrysler motors. I have owned 7 Dodges and the ones that I was that had problems were those two Dodge Dynasties, but still I have had much worse cars than those. I would not go thinking that a Honda and a Toyota are going to be problem free because they can be worse; however, good luck finding a reliable vehicle.