2006 Dodge Caravan SXT 3.3L V6 from North America


Great car


Brake pads need to be replaced.

Windshield washer fluid pump has failed.

Driver's side power window regulator assembly has failed.

General Comments:

This is an excellent vehicle for moving a family. My fiancee has two small children from a previous marriage, and we have one on the way, so we needed a vehicle with 3rd-row seating. The Caravan fit the bill excellently.

My only complaints have been with the dealer service after purchasing it used. Despite being inspected, it has had brake noise (dealer claims 5/32" left on pads, MD state minimum for inspection is 2/32") and the window regulator failed within 30 days of purchase, which they refused to cover. They offered me "their price" of $300 to install a new one; however, the part is only $130 and installation takes about an hour -- I've done it before on other Chrysler products.

The oil filter and drain plug are conveniently located in the front, as on many Chrysler products, so DIY oil changes are speedy.

The interior is roomy, the MPG of the 3.3L engine are decent (17-20 average). The vehicle looks great and has everything I need to do what I have to do with it. The engine itself is a noted reliable engine; I have personally seen these in service as hearses, taxicabs, etc., reaching 250-300k miles with few problems.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2010

3rd Jan 2012, 18:48

I am the writer of the original review. The vehicle now (1/3/2012) has 76,000 miles.

Since the original review, I have replaced:

-- Driver's side window regulator again (original replacement failed under warranty from Advance Auto Parts).

-- EGR valve (failed at @ 72,000 miles with check engine code indicated).

-- All four tires -- the tires sold with the car at the dealership were mismatched and low on tread.

-- Inner tie-rod ends indicated during alignment procedure.

-- Spark plugs and wires (failed at 76,000 miles with a P0300 Random Cylinder Misfire and a P0306 Cyl 6 Misfire code indicated).

I have also flushed the transmission at 60,000 miles, and the power steering fluid at 75,000 miles to cure an odd cavitating noise on a long trip when it seemed as though air had gotten into the power steering system somehow.

Vehicle continues to perform excellently. Current repairs scheduled for this year are:

-- Drain and flush cooling system.

-- Replace gas struts on rear hatch, which are rusted and squeaking.

-- Replace battery (battery sold at dealership is 3 years old and a cheap aftermarket replacement).

-- Replace drive belts.

I have been able to perform most of the repairs myself, saving a great deal of money.

19th Jan 2016, 13:31

I am the writer of the original review, still own and drive the car daily. It currently has 154,000 miles.

Aside from general maintenance, the radiator has failed twice (the replacement failed under warranty), the EGR had to be replaced again about 75,000 miles since I replaced it originally, and the lower intake manifold gaskets had to be replaced this past week.

Currently, the vehicle is in the shop getting the Occupant Restraint Control Module (airbag module) replaced, because the airbag light has been on and off intermittently for about three months.

Other than that, I've noticed the car has a preference for front brakes every two years. Other than that, it's been boringly predictable -- oil changes every 3k miles and not much else.

I continue to alternate between flushing and fluid/filter changes on the transmission every 30k miles.

2006 Dodge Caravan SE 3.3 from North America


Car, cargo van, motor home, all in one tidy little package


Not a single problem with this vehicle since purchased as a Demonstrator at 8,000 km.

General Comments:

98% of driving is highway; gas consumption is 9L/100km, or 31 mpg Imperial (26 U.S.) Very peppy performance, smooth, quiet ride, handles like a sports car. Made a bed for the back with storage under; getting a tent to attach to the open hatch for camping. Will buy 4 Michelin X snow tires on rims as the factory all season tires aren't great for winter driving. This is my 2nd Caravan; had the 1st for 7 years; only needed brake linings, tires and a battery in 115,000 km. I have a friend with nearly 400,000 km on his Caravan. Can't understand why the resale value is so low on these vans. Japanese and Korean vans are not nearly as good as the Dodge. Guess they're so Great cause they're made in Canada, Eh?

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Review Date: 24th November, 2008

15th Sep 2010, 11:27

You were only at 34,000 kms at the time of this entry. I have to wonder since that time are you still singing the same tune about this vehicle? Based upon the reviews from 2006 back, I have to think you probably are not.

5th Jan 2012, 09:41

Not only that, but he's wrong about them all being made in Canada. Mine was US made. It's the review above this one. It has 76k miles and is going strong.