28th Aug 2007, 13:31

The remaining door lockers were working OK. They put a new door locker to make it open and close when riding in the caravan 2006.

4th Sep 2007, 19:16

I had a 2006 caravan for just over 1 year. It was a SE trim package I believe (if that means base model) It had the 2.4L in line 4 with 4 speed automatic. power windows, locks, and A/C was the only options that came with it.

It was a good car never had to go to the shop for more than the oil change and tire rotation. The fit and finish was clean and solid in my opinion. Nothing felt cheap and flimsy it was worth the $16,000 I paid for it brand new.

But after a year I found the 4 cylinder to be underpowered especially on the highway not really to much in the city stop and go traffic.

So I just traded it in for the Grand Caravan SXT with a 3.8L V6. It's longer and has more options, but the price for mine was $32,000.

So I think the 2.4L is just to small for this car from a performance point of view the 3.8 is a better engine, but the 2.4 will get the job done if you need to move a family of five or six and money is tight.

2nd Nov 2007, 00:53

I got my caravan brand new from my company, it's a great van, very smooth round. Yes engine does growl, it makes sounds as if the van is just gonna take off, but doesn't go nowhere. But once again, hey it's a minivan not a sports car. If you are looking for 0 to 60, should you even be checking this? Shouldn't you be in the market for a sports car?

The only problem I have had so far with the van was to change the brakes and rotors at 12K km; that's the only sad thing with the van; other than that it rocks.

29th May 2008, 17:46

I have 45k miles on my 2006 SE with 2.4L. Yes the engine does growl a bit under load when the throttle is first opened. I love the way everyone bashes the 2.4L. It seemed underpowered at first but after about 15k miles the engine seems to have loosened up and is quite peppy now. I doubt the 3.3L V6 is much faster. Now that gas is almost $4 bucks I am glad I got the 2.4L, 22-24 MPG city now and 24-16MPG highway.

15th Jun 2008, 17:28

We took a large family group on a ski trip to Colorado last year, and rented 2 Caravans in Denver for the 100+ mile trip up into the mountains. They both had the 4, and although they weren't sports cars, I was impressed. They were smooth, great handling in snow (we got caught in a blizzard in the higher elevations) and very easy on gas. We had no trouble keeping up speed going up the mountains. I'd opt for the 4 if I were buying one for the excellent fuel economy.

2nd Sep 2008, 15:43

I own a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT 3.3 lit. I have been a loyal Dodge buyer for the last 15 years. Last 3 Dodge Caravans & Ram 1500 w/Hemi. Nothing but problems, 2 sets of brakes and rotors 1st at 8,00 miles, both front bushings replaced at 22,000, idler arms replaced at 33,000 miles, sliding door guides rusted at 6,000 miles, sliding pass. door electric lock mechanism replaced, defective, throttle body needs flushing at 33,000 miles. Rear axle replaced bent during transport? Front hood needed to be repainted due to paint bubbles and pealing.

Dodge is making a poor quality product.Dodge does not stand behind their products anymore. Warranties mean #%*@. Makes you wonder why? Not me! Ask most people, we work too hard for our money and want quality for our money, not garbage. Hard to buy a USA product. Never thought I would say this! Would not ever buy a Dodge product again ever! I will also pass the word to anyone I come in contact with that is thinking about buying a Dodge product.Save yourself some aggravation. Don't buy Dodge! Do any Dodge executives every read or care what people say about their products? If you are out there please respond.

26th Dec 2008, 22:29

How is it possible for a vehicle that is produced on an assembly line using the exact same parts, can be rated so differently; best vehicle I've ever owned - worst vehicle I've ever owned???

I've owned 2 caravans and only had to replace normal wear components; brakes, tires, battery; no rust, no breakdowns. 3.3 liter engine is tough and reliable and as fuel efficient as Toyota and Honda. 300,000 km lifespan is not unusual for a well maintained Caravan, 3.3 L.

21st Mar 2009, 18:53

I bought a 2006 Caravan in 2007, and this winter we had to replace the rack and pinion 900.00, they also found a leaky timing chain cover or leaky intake manifold. Compare that to my 98 Mercury Sable that has cost me 300.00 in shop maintenance. Since then the check engine light has been on, it stutters like it has a clogged fuel filter, but the filter is part of the fuel pump and is a 158.00 dollar replacement instead of a 10.00 filter. It even has a plastic gas tank. I'm ready to trade for a Ford project.

19th Dec 2009, 18:21

We purchased a 2006 Dodge Caravan with 24000 miles on it for our family car. First it isn't a sports car with a 2.4 and basic suspension. If you're on a budget, you cannot beat this do it all station wagon. The 2.4 is under powered, slow, economical and yes it growls off of idle. I bought this van for my work car, and everyone in the family drives it. It is dependable, economical, functional and gets the job done. I hope Dodge keeps building this model, because it works.

10th Apr 2010, 17:34

I am in the market for a family van, came to this page while searching the net for some advice. Tell you the truth, I am so confused. I had a Durango once; it was a good experience overall, except for the over heating in the summer, but these conflicting opinions don't help me at all.