20th Dec 2004, 09:36

I agree... my caravan's mechanical performance was a nightmare... everything got fixed twice and that's one time short of being classified as a lemon... I was months without my van over it's short lifespan. It started blowing computer chips from the first few months, the transmission went at 40,000 miles, and before the extended warranty, I had to foot the bill for my own loaner (rental) cars. It has had the air conditioner fixed twice and many other major problems. On the other hand, it is good on gas, it's comfortable and roomy, but it was totally undependable the whole time I have had it. What a waste of 30,000 dollars!!! And by the way, everyone I know that also owns a caravan around the same age as mine had to replace their transmission.

5th Jun 2005, 09:55

My family has owned a 1992 Plymouth Voyager since new (it now has 197K miles on it), and it needed a tranny replacement at 150K miles. That's not excessive. If you maintain it, it'll take care of you. I just bought a '99 Caravan with 104K on it, and it too has never had it's transmission replaced (I talked to the previous owner, plus the inspecting dealer seemed to concur that the tranny is original). Just make sure you are using Mopar ATF+3 and not Dexron fluid, which is something that quickie oil change shops are notorious for; and you should be OK.

26th Dec 2005, 21:57

I purchased 1999 Dodge Caravan 3.0 Engine as a previously owned vehicle in May 2000 with 24,000 miles on speedometer. It ran good for awhile and then started burning about 1 quart of oil per tank of gas even though I changed oil and filter regularly. Right rear wheel makes clunking noise when using brakes. Fixed it 3 times, but noise keeps returning.

Now need A/C evaporator, estimated repair bill in Freeport Bahamas is $1,000.00. Entire dash board has to come out to replace evaporator. Good old days are gone. I guess aluminum is cheaper than copper and it also has to be replaced more often. I can understand why Americans are buying foreign made automobiles. USA companies seem to have forgotten about us Americans who just want quality for our money.