21st May 2006, 17:08

Speaking of inadequate Mopar brakes. I ordered new from the a Chrysler Plymouth dealership in 1968. A 1968 Chrysler Convertible 300 with a 440 cubic inch V-8. The car weighed in at 4400 lbs and it had 4 wheel power drum brakes. Cost was $4200 in 1968 dollars. No trade of course. Fortunately for me the car came through with poor body workmanship on the front bumpers and I refused delivery, but willingly gave up my $100 deposit. As I recall the owner of the dealership was livid because a white convertible with black vinyl interior and no A/C would be hard to sell. I agree with that, but then I quickly went out and paid almost $4400 for a brand new 1968 Mercury Parklane Brougham with full power and A/C. First car with A/C and never had another one without it.

22nd May 2006, 15:36

I don't understand what was so fortunate that you're glad you got off the hook for taking delivery? You ordered the car, and they delivered it the way you ordered it. A Chrysler 300 with a 440 was no slouch of a car, and drum brakes were the norm in those days. At least it came with power brakes. If you wanted front disc brakes, you should have ordered the package. That convertible Chrysler 300 with the 440 would be worth a ton of money right now. I guess that would be your loss.

4th Jul 2006, 14:49

Wow, you've owned this car for quite a while! I love Challengers, my dream car is a '71 Hemi Convertible R/T. I know they never made a Hemi Convertible in '71... but I can restore it to my spec. :D.

In reply to the first comment... I wrote a review on a '92 Stealth... I marked it as a '92 Steath, yet it got put in the '91 Stealth category. I believe it's because the car was built in '91... as is normal for cars. The web site seems a little confused on that.

5th Jul 2006, 07:39


The website is organised by the year of manufacture, not the model year. This is because model year is not used in all markets, and the site was originally (1997) built for UK and Ireland reviews only, before being opened up all nations later on.