1970 Dodge Charger 500 383cui 4 Barrel - 6.3 ltr from UK and Ireland


A classic high end performance car with cool looks that will surprise most modern super cars


General electrical work needed due to age, causing instrument problems, indicators, but otherwise not too bad. Engine electrical standards are very good.

Patches of rust starting to appear around chassis, specifically toward the front, again due to age expected, but can be a big repair bill to re-plate due to other components needing to be removed.

Front head light door covers stick, both on the way up and down, this can cause the door motor to burn out, which in turn can burn out and damage the front loom, parts very hard to get hold of.

General Comments:

Dodge Chargers are performance cars for sure; a friend has named it a head bangers car!!! It will give anything from a 328 GTS Ferrari to a Dodge Viper a run for its money.

Although my model has 3:23 gears on a 727 Torqueflite Transmission it is still very quick from a standing start, but the mid to top end gearing is really where the car performs well, it has been clocked by another vehicle at 155mph (speedometer only goes to 150mph)

Parts are widely available here in the UK and most can be sourced from the US without much problem.

The Charger scores much kudos with everyone, these cars were made to be driven and most people (except those in blue) appreciate them been driven hard. Easy to see it's Indy Racing heritage once your behind the wheel on an open road with few bends, as the suspension leaves much to be desired when it comes to holding the racing line round a bend.

Recently did a 800 mile round trip over a couple of days and the car was very comfortable, a great drive.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2003

13th Feb 2005, 19:32

"Recently did a 800 mile round trip over a couple of days and the car was very comfortable, a great drive."

But I bet you burned a hell of a lot of gasoline, right?

23rd Jan 2006, 20:23

Even with the 383, these cars aren't all that bad on gas if you take it easy on the throttle. Especially considering the massive power they have. My 383 would get about 15 miles/gallon on the highway, although that was with Bosch Platinum plugs, 8 mm plug wires, Chrysler electronic ignition (converted from original points), regular oil and air filter changes, and rebuilt carburetor in top tune cruising at 55 mph. Still, it compares pretty favorably to a new full-sized truck or SUV. Let's see... you guys in the UK are comparing km/L, I think. So I guess that's about 6.4 km/L. Pretty cool to see some folks in Europe enjoying these old Mopars.

18th Sep 2006, 20:23

Hey there, my brother has a 70 Charger 500, he dropped the 340 in it, (instead of the stock 318) the guy he bought it off of rebuilds engines, and we swear he souped it up some how like a racing engine lol. It's a great car, he got it when he was 16, now he's 26/and married. we go to the Dukes Fest every year to show it off, (its Orange, no decals though). hope to hear back from you! Have a nice day!

17th Feb 2007, 14:17

Well, the 340 is like a stock racing engine. No wonder you noticed a big difference going from the 318 to the 340. The 340 is a screamer, known for taking many big blocks when it came out. With a Carter 4-barrel, 10.5:1 compression pistons, forged steel crank, and header-like exhaust manifolds, the 340 is no joke. If you've ever seen the insides apart, a 318 has connecting rods about the thickness of a fat finger. The 340 has connecting rods about twice as thick, made for high revving.