1987 Dodge Charger Shelby 2.2 Liter from North America


Quick, rare, great handling sports coupe


Things wrong so far, erratic idle repaired by fixing vacuum leak.

No boost, fixed by replacing clogged fuel filter and cleaning out gas tank.

O2 sensor wiring defect at connector, repaired wiring until new O2 sensor to be installed.

Original ball joints worn out, original struts worn out. Replaced all.

Heater core leaking, bypassed it, will replace with a Mojave heater box because I'm not breaking open the dashboard to replace it.

Front (both) side-skirts cracked after hitting a small animal that bounced off the low front end air-dam, and pushed it like a cattle catch on a train, would have preferred to run it over, getting less damage.

Oil pan leaks some, power steering lines leak some.

Drivers side wheel bearing needed replaced.

General Comments:

Generally I like the car, it's really comfortable to drive, and the CS seats are really comfortable. It handles awesome, takes turns very nicely, moves out from lights super quick with no effort, has more than enough power for passing ability, and with fine tuning and minor modifications it's even quicker!

They are getting rarer, and the styling isn't too bad even today in my opinion. A few people have said to me "I had one of those!" In a positive way, so overall I think most liked the car when the had them in the 80's.

Gas mileage is great, I'd drive this car way before some yawn-fest foreign gas saver any day.

And I really wouldn't drive the gas-savers that take $3000 to get the performance upgrades a Turbo Dodge already has from the factory.

It might take a few repairs over its lifetime, but none of us drive tanks (which break down more than you think).

And if you are capable of making repairs, you'll find it's super easy to work on, actually almost all the K-Cars of the 80's were.

The body still holds a good line, the interior is nice if clean, like most cars.

Placement of the guages are good but kinda small, don't like the 85 mph speedo the Federal gov mandated back then for a short time.

Took the car way over 85 and the needle comes around to the stopper peg, which is annoying for rare moments I drive too fast.

Overall, it's a car that serves me well and I'm glad I bought it,it sure beats the old 89 Saab 900 Turbo I had before; that thing was a nightmare for repairs and lost rolls of cash.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2009

14th Apr 2011, 13:48

Yes, not all "tanks" were really as good as they say, but for the record, Chargers/Turismos were L-Cars like Omnis and Horizons.

1987 Dodge Charger Shelby 2.2 turbo from North America


1987 Dodge Shelby Charger - made from Coors cans. ICK


Gee, what didn't go wrong.

Head gasket failure, seizing the Turbo.

5 Power modules failed. The third one caused the wiring harness to melt. Resulting in the entire car being re-wired.

The car ATE tires, headlights.

A/C was never very good.

The plastic nose parts would break, and drag on the ground.

Lost the rear lift gate balance shaft things, and when they broke, I was beaned by it, and yes, that was heavy!!!

The silver paint lasted all by two years before the serious fading took place. Door rust was a problem, from the inside. The sunroof parts ALSO rusted.

General Comments:

The Dodge Shelby Charger was a great concept ineptly executed. The problem was simple, it was built like 'doo-doo'. Plain in simple.

It was an amazingly fast car, rode smoothly, when it indeed was running. It got a lot of attention, since it was good looking. The interior was pretty nice too. The fake chrome on the turn signal began to lift, giving me a 'paper' cut, once I ripped that off, all was fine.

On the plus side, never had a problem with the clutch, brakes or transmission. So, to sum it, was it a lemon. Not really. Just a crappy dealer who couldn't or wouldn't fix it correctly.

Would I buy another Shelby Charger. HELL NO!

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Review Date: 1st September, 2006

3rd Sep 2006, 21:05

Spirit, Shelby-Charger, Cirrus... dude, you've owned some... errr interesting vehicles. (I'm being diplomatic!)

27th Dec 2006, 14:54

Hey, what can I say. They stopped making AMC Spirit's in 1983. So I couldn't replace that. So I drove the Shelby until I could save up enough money to replace it. Then came the Neon. Followed by the Cirrus, by that time I had 2 kids - so I needed the 4 doors. :o)

Considering all things, the Shelby was the worst thing I owned of the 4 cars.