2007 Dodge Charger SXT 3.5L from North America


OK, but not great



General Comments:

First of all, my car is in the shop... the Charger is a rental (thought I treat myself to something nice since I drive about 140 miles every day).

So far I have been driving this thing for about a week and I mean "driving". Overall it's a nice car, feels very solid and is very responsive. I think the design is fantastic and a bit edgy.

However, I am a bit disappointed with the overall performance. The 3.5l engine has plenty of HP and the performance explodes around 4000 rpm, but getting the thing going is the issue. The car feels as if it is too heavy; you really have to put your foot down to get a good acceleration from a full stop. It's sort of an all or nothing experience, which makes backing out kind of dangerous.

Also, the a, b, c-columns are too thick, which restricts the field of view greatly. Backing up or parallel parking is just plain weird as I can't see past the rear window. I mean I can't see the trunk at all, and I am 5'11. So you kinda have to guess a little, which could get expensive.

The stereo is awesome.

The interior, which I like a lot, is very comfortable, but may look a bit cheap here and there.

Braking is rather good.

Overall, to me the car feels a bit as if it doesn't know if it wants to be a sports car or a family ride, which then in turn means it is neither. I was looking into getting the Dodge Magnum as my next car, but after this experience I will re-evaluate.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2008

26th Feb 2008, 17:16

These must be pretty good cars, because there aren't many reviews here. I interpret that to mean that people aren't having problems that compel them to find a site like this and complain, even though the car has been out for a couple of years.

The Charger is really growing on me. At first, I was turned off by the "4-door Charger" but if you ignore the name, it's a really nice car. "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." It has an aggressive styling that no other 4-door sedan seems to have, and the interior has really improved from the first plastic, bland style to something that is a lot more tasteful, especially in the SXT models. You no longer have to pay the extra $7,000 for the Hemi package just to get a nice interior. I was thinking about a Fusion or Taurus for my next sedan, but the Charger is really starting to get my attention.