18th Mar 2005, 18:24

There are 4 '69 Charger reviews on this site, and they all suck.

Wish someone who OWNS and DRIVES one would write a decent review...

22nd Dec 2005, 16:31

OK here's my follow up.

The floors, trunk, quarters and other panels rust out as with most cars of this age so I welded new ones in, rebuilt the drive-train. It's absolutely horrible on gas and the ride isn't the best, but you don't go out and get a Charger for ride quality and gas mileage. According to the speedometer it tops out at 140 but it's probably off. The 3 speed 727 Automatic drives a lot like a stick and the tranny acts like it's geared tall. The headlight doors don't work like they're supposed to and the high-beam switch sticks from time to time. The brakes were drum all around when I got it so I had the front brakes switched to disc and left the rear drums, it stops pretty good and the handling is stable on the freeway, but the body lean is pretty bad when cornering. There was a short in the wiring harness that almost lead to an engine fire, but what do you expect from 36 year old wiring? That's about all I can think of for now and I'm sorry if my review sucked and yes I do own a 69 Charger.

23rd Aug 2009, 12:51

I had a '69 R/T 440 4 speed. Red with black vinyl roof and black interior. Bought it used in '70 with 1,500 miles on it.

It was responsive on the road; went where you turned it.

It got to 120 very quickly. It would not go faster due to rear gear ratio.

I just never really like the 440. It had guts, but wasn't a nascar type engine. Give me something that will wind!!

To poster, don't be discouraged by the negative responses from these guys. It is your toy. Thanks for sharing your experiences with it. Finish it!