1991 Dodge Colt DL 1.5 gas from North America


It's a good basic car


The car had a serious oil leak. From reading the other reviews this is common in these cars, but mine was really bad (8 quarts / 1000 miles) and needed to be fixed.

The car needed some other minor things (shocks, battery brake pads, seals), largely because it sat unused for nearly 10 years.

General Comments:

The car is decent to drive and does quite well both in the city and on the freeway, though I bet some Mitsubishi engineer is having a laugh about that 125mph speedometer. (Maybe if you dropped it out of a plane?)

The automatic is second-rate (the shifts are a little harsh), but it works. Get the stick shift if you can find one - the economy is better too.

Fuel economy is pretty good - over 30mpg in mostly city driving. It's not fast, but it's small, cheap, and easy to park.

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Review Date: 17th September, 2005

18th Sep 2005, 00:24

Get your transmission serviced (new fluid, flush, & filter) and the performance should improve. After sitting for so long, changing the transmission oil is as essential as changing the engine oil..

1991 Dodge Colt 200 from North America


Great first car!


-Oil leak when purchased, but repaired since!

-Anything else that has happened was my fault! (IE Bent axle whilst pulling e-brakes on frozen road...)

General Comments:

This car is amazing on gas!! At 90 cents a liter, it will cost me $30CDN to keep this baby running for 2 weeks. I drive a lot too! From home to school and work, occasional road trips, etc. I'm proud of this little colt, it does a lot!

There is a lot of space for a small car, but it does look like a squished minivan of sorts from the outside. It is also very hard to find any aftermarket parts for my car.. but I'm still happy with it!

13 years and still going.. Still excellent handling, but another negative is, in subzero temperatures (IE. -10c) My automatic.. it.. STALLS! I couldn't believe it..

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2004

1991 Dodge Colt 200GT 4 cylinder, 1.4L, 12V from North America


Bad Resale + Good Reliability = Buy it


Transmission had to be replaced.

Engine supports has to be replaced.

General Comments:

This car has the worst resale value of any car on the market-a good thing for the used car buyer. However, keep in mind that for a car that is currently worth about 20$ (despite its impeccable condition) the cost of Mitsubishi parts are astronomical. That means, if you want to claim a broken taillight to your insurance company, they will tell you to scrap the car.

Other than that, this car is a fun little alternative to the Civic. Aside from a couple of stalls (one where I had to push the car out of a car wash) and an inexcusable transmission replacement, the repairs have been fairly routine.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2004

1991 Dodge Colt 100 E 1.5L from North America


A solid economical car


Exhaust (complete piping) went three times. The second time it was Midas's fault as they did not properly install it.

Seat belts needed to be serviced due to a recall.

Gasket blew and caused the car to leak oil really bad.

Body rusted out after about 6 years.

Gas tank leaked.


Wheel bearing.

Transmission went at 225,000 KM.

A few other things went bad with the car that I do not recall.

General Comments:

This car performed well in it's first few years. Cheap on gas, easy ride etc..

This was a fairly low maintainenace car. Was very economical and reliable.

Car ran very well until 200k.

The engine still runs great and do another 100,000 however the transmission requires replacement and is just not worth it.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2003

9th Dec 2006, 13:19

Stay away from the automatic version of these cars, the 3 spds are extremely weak and don't last long.

1991 Dodge Colt 200 E 1.5 from North America


The car has had an oil leak since I bought it. I knew about the leak when I bought it and it has not gotten any worse.

The drivers seat has taken some wear and I had to have a hinge welded back together in the driver's seat. However the previous owner was heavy.

General Comments:

This has been the most reliable car I have ever owned. It has never failed to start on the first turn of the key.

The car performs well. It is a small economy model, but with the standard transaxle and one or two people it is pretty nippy.

The base model does not have a rear window wiper which does cause some problems in the rainy climate I live in.

The heating system is good.

There is lots of cargo space especially with the rear seats folded down. I hauled a dishwasher home in it no problem.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2002

24th Mar 2003, 11:21

Hi Steven!

I Just wanted to know if you ever had any trouble while starting your colt? After I start mine I have to keep it going by pumping the gas a little until it warms up or it will stall.

9th Jan 2006, 01:21

I too own a 91 Dodge Colt I live in Ontario, Canada

I have had my baby for over 8 years it has 197,000 km on the original motor! I love my car! My friends laugh at me because they drive 2000 models, but my car not once has let me down! It purrs in the winter and I never freeze! I love the room it has.. I take my golden retriever with me everywhere in it! The only problems I have had is with front end CV Boots and I replaced the axle! I take it in for regular oil changes and my mechanic is amazed that its in top shape! I don't care what the critics say my car is priceless to me and I wouldn't want to drive anything else!

16th Jul 2006, 04:18

I love my 1992 Dodge Colt (200E). The original engine had over 250,000 kilometers, but developed a wear in the engine. I love my car so much, I replaced the engine rather than sell it. Other than that I've just kept it well maintained. This summer, baby gets new paint!

18th Jan 2010, 05:55

Car is good, but parts are expensive if you need them.