1991 Dodge Colt Hatchback 2.0 from North America


Cheap on gas, expensive to fix


Put a new back axle on two years ago.

E brake always needs to be tightened.

Just put a new computer into it, it was a big bill.

Has an oil leak, even though I've replaced all gaskets I can't seem to get it to ever stop.

This car has been somewhat of a nightmare.

General Comments:

The Colt drives awesome, feels good, will go 115km comfortably. I enjoy its fast driving with the exception of its troubles.

It was off the road for the last four months. I just got it back a week ago, only cost me twelve hundred bucks. The car seriously disappointed me considering it's body is in perfect shape, but its brain died so quickly.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2002

1991 Dodge Colt 1.5L 12 valve from North America


Belonged in the junk-yard, even before I purchased it a year ago


Where to begin... This car sucked!!

The transmission literally self-destructed on me, gear by gear, as the throw out bearing shot in and out of my gears repeatedly, destroying them.

The CV joints have been replaced once already, and they should probably have been replaced again before I got rid of it.

The alternator belt has been squealing and whining in cold weather.

The frame of the car is falling apart, it flaps in the wind like old laundry.

General Comments:

The car is quick if you beat the hell out of it like I did, but otherwise it sucks.

It would have been nice to have a fifth gear for highway driving.

This car has taught me not to beat up on a poorly made car, because it apparently doesn't take much to destroy it.

Never again will I buy anything Mopar, or anything powered my a cheap Mitsubishi engine.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2001

30th May 2001, 20:32

I wonder if you bought a lemon? I own a 1991 Dodge Colt hatchback. I bought it used in 1993. It had 30,000 miles on the engine at the time of purchase. It has 145,000 miles on the engine. My teenage daughter now drives the vehicle everyday. The body is still like new, as is the interior. I am currently looking at replacing the CV joints on the front-end. Other than that (knock-on-wood), the car has been a gem. I more than got my monies worth in making this purchase!

1991 Dodge Colt 1.5 from North America


Decent, basic, car. Got my $ worth


Basically nothing for 90,000 miles! Then, the whole car pretty much fell apart (clutch worn, CV joints shot, air-fuel sensor bad, timing belt broke, fuel injectors stopped working, electrical problems, etc.).

General Comments:

The car came with a 4-speed, which was silly as it really needed the highway gear, overdrive. BUT, mileage was fantastic. Never below 32, even if all city; usually around 42 with lots of highway and some around town thrown in.

Parts were often a problem to find, and injectors and sensors almost impossible to locate (even through the dealer!) and overpriced. A decent car though, compared to most of what is out there.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2001