1st Apr 2001, 19:34

I have a 93 Dodge colt Four door 1.8 liter. I love the acceleration. I have customized the air intake and have also done work on the exhaust. The car was my fathers, who gave it to me when my 87 Maxima died. I love this car. It has tinted windows, a racing strip and is a fun driver. The only problem... Last night someone broke into it and stole my sound system, just the box. They also shattered my window. That hurts!!! Oh well, next step, an alarm!!! For anyone wanting a little power rocket, I recommend the Colt.

18th Apr 2001, 18:54

My 93 Colt is by FAR the BEST car I have EVER owned. It has 107,000 miles now, I bought it new for $8000...the BEST $8000 I think anyone could have spent. Sure its ate a number of sets of brakes and the muffler seems to be a common trouble area, but the reliability and low cost ownership is unreal! 36 mpg weekly. And that's not driving like a granny either! 1.5/5-speed and manual steering (great road feel).This car with snowtires is a tank. The 4wds are off in the median strip and this thing will just cruise right by them. I absolutely detest that Chrysler stopped importing this car as their own in 94 for the inferior Neon... I wouldn't give a dime for a Neon. Mitsubishi did this car right... and yet not enough people know of this car... Mitsubishi is dropping the Mirage this summer (01) for the Lancer 4-door.I will miss the Colt/Mirage cars... they were great little rigs. I will own mine as long as I can... I fear I will never find an equal replacement for it. Long live the Colts...1971-1994...thank you Japan for such a wonderful little car!!!

19th Apr 2001, 18:14

My 93 Colt 200 is a great car but here in Eastern Canada, very hard to find the parts I need to replace after a small accident; the hood, radiator support head lamps and marker lights.

Is this a common problem everywhere?


3rd Jun 2001, 20:02

Those Canadian Colts are slightly different than the US/Japanese ones. Different hoods, lights, trunk lid, even the lower dash area is different. Its because they are Canadian-only parts..that's why they are hard to get.

5th Jul 2001, 23:53

I love my colt, I got it just a few months ago, its my first car and it has 133,000 miles on it, but I'm sure it will go a lot longer than that, its in perfect condition, it gets 35/mpg and its just wonderful. its also a manual.. they are so much fun to drive, I don't know about anyone else's car, but mine is peppy and wants to go fast!

27th Jul 2001, 05:38

Well, they feel peppy but actual test acceleration figures show a pretty bad 0-60 time of like 12-13 seconds for the 1.5/manual.And that was magazine tests when the cars were new. I think its the gearing that makes 1st gear feel like a rocket taking off, then it trails off once you shift up.Still, not a bad performer overall... and VERY "tossable" around curves and sharp manuevers.

It was AutoWeek magazine that once tested a "long term" Mirage coupe, and was actually sad to have to turn it back in. It was one of the funnest cars they ever drove. And that surprised them!!

23rd Aug 2001, 23:54

I've owned two Colts in my lifetime: a 1990 and a 1993. I must say they were the most reliable and economical cars I've ever owned. They never gave me a day's' worth of mechanical trouble (The 90's muffler was still original after 6 years and nearly 130,000 miles), and they were both easy on gas and fun to drive. I took both on several long-distance trips with very few aches and pains. All in all, wise investments, especially for the college-bound like myself.

30th Jan 2002, 12:31

The transmissions don't last very long, and I have had tons of problems with my Dodge Colt.

13th May 2002, 16:42

I have a 1993, two door Dodge Colt, and have never had a problem with it until now. When the car is idling, it is rough, and it often feels like the choke is not out far enough. When the car is running, it sometimes sounds as if the car is not getting any gas. Anyone else have this problem?

31st Dec 2002, 10:48

The Colt was dropped by Chrysler because of their home grown Neon. Mitsubishi kept the Mirage until 2002,and now its gone too. The Lancer is close, but not the same car...

I got lucky and bought an almost never used 2000 Mirage coupe to supplement my 93 Colt coupe. The Colt has 121,000 miles and I have been steadily upgrading/modifying things. I don't plan on getting rid of it anytime soon. Keep on the lookout for a good used 2000-2002 Mirage, they are available on EBAY all the time, and with low miles too.

21st Mar 2003, 23:42

My husband and I bought our 93 Dodge Colt with only 6000 miles on it and it's the best car we've ever owned. It currently has 168,000 miles on it and the only real problem right now is the low idling problem. No one can seem to figure the problem out. Any suggestions?? Anyone else have this problem?? We still love our Colt.

29th Apr 2003, 10:49

I have 93 Colt and the passenger seat belt just broke. Does anyone know how to fix these??

20th May 2003, 11:33

My '94 Dodge Colt has been a trooper! It gets great gas mileage, it looks sporty, its got some power, and overall a pretty good car. Hard to believe I bought it just last September with only 60,000 miles on it. Problems: Seat Belt, idling, reverse, 3rd gear.

23rd Jul 2004, 03:31

I have a '93 Dodge Colt, 2 Dr., 5-speed with almost 113,000 miles on it. Other than the regular maintenance of any car, it has been literally the best car I have ever owned. Only concern is that recently the Check Engine Red Light intermittently comes on now and garage said they couldn't find anything wrong. I've read it could be a fuse or a defective computer system. Wonder if anyone has had a similar situation. I'm afraid to take any distance now due to not finding out why this "intermittently" happens. Pls email me at aniling3@wmconnect.com if someone can help me. Thank You.

10th Dec 2004, 14:20

My 93 dodge colt is the best car I've ever owned. Other than a bearing failure in the trans at 153'000 miles I have had no problems with it.

14th May 2006, 22:48

They are good cars. I had mine going 130 mph on the freeway and it still wasn't running hard. It's a 93 Dodge Colt 1.5 5 speed. Was going that fast and no trembling or nothing. Of course I've built mine about as far as you can go.

1st Jun 2007, 00:43

I've now been driving my 94 colt for over 3 years. I have put over 327,000 km's on it. Right now its at around 353,000 and its still going.

I've have a few troubles with alternators and I heard that it was a common issue with colts. I wouldn't know, I'm the only person I know that owns one.

Can't wait to brag about hitting 400.

4th Mar 2008, 07:41

I have had my 93 Dodge Colt for 4 years and LOVE it! The only problem I have experienced is with the power seat belt. It was my first car and I don't think I'll ever get rid of it.

16th Feb 2012, 21:46

I had to come back. I have a 93 Colt GL Coupe. I paid $100 for it six years ago. I came across it on a back road one day, not knowing what it was at first. Then it hit me, it was a Dodge Colt in near mint condition.

The trans was out, but it was still able to pull itself to my dad's shop. I picked up another trans for a $100, and my dad built one out of two. CHEAP!! I have replaced the trans once after that. I now rebuild them; it's cheaper than buying (four rebuilds so far).

The car has 210,000 miles on it now, and still adding.

It smokes a little bit, depending on how hard I push it.

I did keep the original trans, did have bearings go out, and did rebuild it four times myself.

I found out the transmissions (5 speeds) were known for going out.

I will never let my Colt die. I will be replacing the rings this summer in it, and mains and rod bearing also.

I'm very lucky; I have a salvage yard with about six to eight of these cars on hand if I ever need anything.

I own a lot of Dodges, and this little car is one of my favorites to drive, even more than my 2000 Avenger (sweet ride). I also have 1971 Charger R/T, Dart Swinger, Newport Royal & Imperial. And a love for the little Colt.

If you live in Central Wi. and you drive a Colt and I see it, I'll be asking you if it's for sale. Bring them back!