1984 Dodge D150 Base model for government 3.7 inline 225 slant six from North America


Solid, dependable and reliable truck, with a positrac rear end


My first issue was with the charging system. I thought a new battery would fix things, but it didn't. I took it to 3 mechanics, and replaced 4 alternators, and finally it's charging just fine.

While the second mechanic had the truck, it started missing badly. He said I had a blown motor or a hole in a piston. It ran fine when I dropped it off! The third mechanic changed the plugs, installed valve seals and did a compression test. One cylinder has only 95 lbs of compression, but is now runs fine.

My brother and I installed a new water pump, thermostat, and did a complete tune up prior to the charging problem. I installed the new EG3 plugs I think, and it ran like a lion! They are ones that fouled!!!

General Comments:

I like the short narrow step side bed. The 4 spd tranny is a work horse. The power steering and power brakes make driving fun, and brother does it turn heads around town and on the highway.

The truck has the original seat cover. Also has the tire pressure psi decals over each tire.

Not too comfortable on a short trip of say 100 miles; sore the next day.

Still has no radio.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2010

1984 Dodge D150 318 from North America


Not the nicest looking vehicle on the road, but its always got me from point A - point B


Had to do valve guide seals when I bought the truck in 1995.

Changed to camshaft, intake and carburetor to get more power.

General Comments:

Put lots of miles on, the truck has never left me broken down on the side of the highway.

No major mechanical problems besides normal wear and tear.

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Review Date: 1st March, 2008

1984 Dodge D150 Long Bed 225 CID from North America


Glad we have it!!!



General Comments:

My son and I just bought this for $100.00, with 33,000 original miles. It gets 20mpg and is a great workhorse!!

It just has surface rust and is an easy restoration.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2007

1984 Dodge D150 4.9 V8 318 gasoline from North America


Trustworthy and reliable


The clutch died shortly after purchasing, at 224,2xx.

Front right control arm stress fractured, had to have that replaced.

Rear brake lines started to leak. Replaced at 230,xxx.

General Comments:

This truck is reliable as if it was new. I've babied it since I've owned it.

The previous owner used this truck for his business for two years. He wasn't the best at maintaining the truck, for the abuse it received, hauling 1.5 tons of wax every three days, over long distance.

All it's needed has been a new clutch, brake lines, as well as the control arm.

I'd recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a trustworthy truck.

I get about 15 miles to the gallon; not too great, but it's worth it.

It has never let me sit (except with the blown clutch).

The best truck made by Dodge I've ever seen!

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Review Date: 8th September, 2005

3rd Dec 2005, 22:16

It's a 5.2L V8 bud.

4th Dec 2005, 08:49

Yeah, don't confuse the bullet proof Chrysler 318 (5.2 L) with the junk-o-matic 4.7 L that they put in the Durangos. I will never understand how Chrysler could screw up such a fabulous engine as the old 318 in the late 90s. Or why they discontinued it.

29th Aug 2014, 04:43

Huge fan of the early 318, but just look at one and you'll have your answer ha ha. 350 owners don't call a 318 an anchor for nothing.