1987 Dodge D150 LT 225 CI slant 6 from North America


Great truck for reliability!


I haven't had any problems with the truck since I've owned it. The engine runs strong and doesn't burn a drop of oil.

It has the 3 speed auto, which I don't like, and I would like to put a 4 speed manual in it, but I'm not sure if this is do-able. I know this isn't a site to ask for help, but I figure if I can tell what I dislike, some can tell me what I can do to make me like this truck that much more. And that's by switching it to a manual 4 speed for better fuel mileage for the most part and being more fun to drive.

I'm currently in the process of turning this slant 6 into a super six by changing the camshaft, putting in an electronic ignition and changing it from a single barrel carb to a 2 barrel and changing the intake and exhaust manifolds. Only problem is finding the parts to turn it into a super 6.

General Comments:

It's a good truck. I'm 17 and want to have fun. It may not be fast at all, reaching a top speed of 120 kph, but I sure can beat the heck outta this old truck without any worries. The only thing is the fuel; It's killer on the fuel mileage and I wish there was a way to improve this, but really there isn't other than if I take it easy on the gas, put in an automatic with overdrive (if there's one compatible) or a manual 4 speed.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2008

5th Mar 2009, 01:34

If you like the slant six keep it! It is just as reliable, if not better then the 318/360s, less HP with more Torque.

I am in the same boat, 18 with an 86 D150 225 auto that needs some upgrades. Dodge made a four speed OD transmission (A833) that will work for the slant six, you just need the bell-housing. Look for older dodge vans, they always seemed to have them, or old Aspens.

Take note that if you are tearing apart your motor you can shave a good .060 of the top of the block to bump up compression closer to 9.0. I am going to see how it works on my this summer.

Good luck.

15th May 2009, 14:08

Clifford performance has all your performance needs for the slant 6. That's where I got mine. Not for my truck (I just bought it), but for other vehicles. They have everything from 2 piece headers, 4bbl intakes, and cams, to complete rebuild kits and performance heads. They even have a fuel injection kit if that's what you prefer. Good luck and have fun!

5th Apr 2010, 14:27

What kind of mileage does it get? Are we talking like avg. around 15-16. It can't be too bad with a slant 6...

16th Feb 2018, 22:49

Hello all!

I have a 87 d150 I believe. 3.7L engine.

When I turn it over, it idles really high and then after a few minutes it just purrs.

I’ve noticed that when it’s idling at high RPM, coolant shoots out of the right side (if you're standing in front of the truck) power source to the engine.

I’m assuming the power source is to plug it when the temp is cold??

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

Cheers, Dave.

12th Dec 2018, 05:30

I have an 87 D150 with the 225 slant. The driver's side of the block just below the intake has a block heater that looks like a freeze plug with a 3 pin connector in the center.

1987 Dodge D150 LE 5.2L V8 from North America


A decent older truck


The automatic transmission began shifting at unusually high RPMs, so I got the throttle rod adjusted for a temporary fix. However, I think that the transmission is probably on the way out very soon, so I'm trying to get rid of this truck. Other than that, though, there have been no major problems with it.

General Comments:

This is not a fast vehicle by any means, even though it has a V-8.

It sucks down gasoline like it's free, which is not good for teenagers with no money.

Bad points aside, it would make a good work truck, since you can fit a large quantity of stuff in the back.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2003

19th Apr 2004, 05:47

Your trans shifts at "unusually high RPM" because your transmission cooler is clogged. All the adjustments in the world won't fix it. I hope you figured that one out by now.

22nd Apr 2005, 14:42

How do you know the transmission cooler is clogged? To me, that would not necessarily suggest that the transmission would shift at a high RPM. I am not familiar with this particular transmission (I have a D-150 with a 4 speed manual), but just in general, I would not not rule out a vacuum modulator valve (if the '87 was still vacuum controlled), a mis adjusted band or actuator assembly, or a plugged up valve body. I do not think you can make that diagnosis, of that symptom, right off the top of your head, and you certainly do not need to chew the guy's head off.

24th Oct 2007, 11:20

I put a shift kit in my truck. It never had any major problems with it. I removed all the EGR and emissions. I picked up 3mpg and a lot more horsepower.

Truck runs very well, 0-60 in about 6 seconds. I do race mine. Of course it has the 360 in it.