3rd Feb 2011, 19:49

I have a quick question. I am a new Dodge owner, I have a 86 Dodge Ram D150 pickup, and I don't understand why the odometer only has 5 digits. I'm not sure if it works, but it says 40XXX. Can you explain why?

4th Feb 2011, 11:47

Because it's only relatively recently, like the last dozen years, that a digit has been added to record hundred-thousand miles. The five digit odometer was basically tradition because in the early days, like our 1929 Model A Ford, nobody really expected anyone to ever drive 100,000 miles, so why add extra gears in the odometer display? Even into the 1970's, tradition had it that a car was shot by the time it hit 100,000 miles. In the 1980's, cars started hitting 200,000 miles on a regular basis (though that wasn't known until 10 years later), which meant you only had to worry about the odometer flipping over once. But by the 2000's, it was known that cars should be expected to do 200,000 miles, so they started adding the extra digit. I don't know if that's the real reason, or if consumer advocacy groups called for it when buying used vehicles.

I would say that if your 1986 Dodge shows 40,xxx, then it is certainly at least 140,000 miles, and possibly even 240,000 miles.

5th Dec 2012, 23:04

Yes, when you are in the first year of ownership of the Dodge Ram 1986 D150, it is really very problematic, especially if you residing very far from America. I am residing in the Philippines, so it's very hard to look for proper spare parts.

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6th Jun 2014, 20:48

I agree. I love the older body styles. I have an 86 Dodge D150 Royal SE. It's a long bed and has some dents and dings, but that's what you expect from a vehicle that has pulled three houses down and drove through a mobile home.

My truck never skipped a beat. Wish the previous owner (my uncle) wouldn't have abused it so. It leaks at every gasket, and the tranny is losing gears, but the truck has not left me on the side of the road once. Although it sounds like it would any day now. The trannies for this specific model are extremely hard to find though.