1993 Dodge Dakota LE 318 Magnum from North America


The best truck ever


Tranny replaced at 205,000.

Doors are falling off..

Passenger seat and headliner wearing badly.

General Comments:

Extremely fast a tap on the gas = four spinning wheels.

Truck was pounded into the dirt and the tranny just went at 234,560.

Except for oil changes, very rarely serviced.

Never got stuck - ever.

Very comfortable bench, back seats too crowded.

Sounds great; the truck shakes when you rev it.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2010

1993 Dodge Dakota LE 5.2L 318 from North America


Absolutely strong and reliable


Radiator went out at 135 000 kms.

Water pump went at 147 000 kms.

Paint has flaked.

General Comments:

So far, this truck has been quite reliable and has never left me stranded anywhere, unlike my previous two cars.

That old 318 is as tough as nails, and in spite of cooling system problems, which can be attributed to the age of the vehicle, it has never left me stranded.

I'm getting 16 miles per gallon gas mileage, but that's to be expected because it's just like any other older V8.

The seats are reasonably comfortable in it.

This truck will and has outlasted its newer counterparts, because this is one of the last few years Chrysler still knew how to make Dakotas. Getting rid of the 318 was one of the worst mistakes Chrysler has ever made.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2010

4th Aug 2010, 20:53

I agree. I have a V6 with a stick. I towed it once, the ignition switch went out. I picked up a manual and I've been knockin' on wood for 170k miles.

1993 Dodge Dakota LE 5.2 from North America


Proud american built


Since I have owned the truck for about 6 months now, nothing has gone wrong.

When I did purchase the truck, the fuel gauge was bad, which seems to be very common. The drivers door top hinge was broken off the door, which caused it to sag and make the first 8 inches of the trim to come off. After welding it back on and gluing the trim back on, it's all been good.

It was backed into in the rear, so it crumpled the side of the bed body and the bumper was dented up, causing the tail gate not able to be opened. I used a port-a-power to fix everything but the bed body.

General Comments:

This must be the best truck ever made. All the power I need and then some. I have a 3in. lift on 31's with side steps, brush guard with lights on it and lights on top of the rear window guard (I would call it). It's all chrome. Look's very good. Dual exhaust sounds amazing with the 318.

My only complaint would be the gas it drinks (10mpg on a good tank). I plan on chipping it and adding an air intake to maybe help. Other than that, it's a perfect truck. REAL AMERICAN PRIDE.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2009

1993 Dodge Dakota 3.9L Magnum from North America




I bought this truck for $400 because the front end was smashed and it would die during cold weather. It took me ten minutes to figure out the reason it was dying was because it had a collapsed air filter and cutting off circulation to the engine. I went to a junk yard, and for $100 I bought all of my front end parts and made it look new again.

Since then the idler pulley, and CV joints have gone. The idler pulley was just general maintenance and the front CV joints were my doing because I put 31" mud terrains on it, and I ripped both CV boots while mudding.

This truck, in 20,000 miles, that is all that has gone wrong with it.

This truck throws the mud like there is no tomorrow. I would like the 318 V8 for more power, but the V6 does just fine. You can't kill this truck. It is American made, and indestructible. This engine will never quit.

General Comments:

Awesome engine, awesome looks, awesome interior, awesome truck.

This truck is the best investment I've ever made, and I definitely will buy another one IF this one ever quits.

The cab feels like it's full sized, tons of overhead room.

The truck is very powerful compared to my old Ford Ranger and it smokes S10's. I LOVE this truck. It is an American Dream.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2008