1993 Dodge Dakota Sport 3.9 V6 from North America


True, tough American made truck, just like the old days


Radiator replaced by dealer at 13,000 miles under warranty (well, actually off, but it was defective and they replaced free)

Leaky front axle seals in first 2 years. Replaced under warranty.

Starter at 150,000 miles.

2 sets blown rear brake lines

Recent front blown brake lines. Be careful of steel brake lines rusting. Check periodically.

Paint flaking somewhat.

Recent water leak in drivers side. Sealed cab seams with silicone and now good to go.

General Comments:

This truck, as its predecessor was (1988 Dodge Dakota), is an incredible machine.

Tough as nails.

Still runs like new and gets 20 miles per gallon combined.

Fast with manual transmission.

Nice throaty exhaust.

Hauls with ease.

Excellent and seamless 4 wheel drive system.

Handles superbly.

Very, very inexpensive to maintain. Except for a couple unexpected things, the only replacement part that wore out was the starter and that was at 150,000 miles.

Very comfortable bench seat, which shows almost no wear.

Unbelievable air conditioner. NEVER recharged.

Comfortable ride, but definitely a truck.

Reasonable price.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2005

1993 Dodge Dakota Sport 3.9L gasoline engine from North America


After some minor teething pains, I have found that I love my truck and would not part with it


After 1500 miles the truck developed a leak in the rear main seal. Which was covered under warranty. It started to leak again at 3000 miles and again it was covered under warranty. I asked the Dodge dealer to check the drive line for out of true. They claim that they did, 1500 miles later the leak returned. This time I ran the truck until the gearbox seized. The Dodge dealer replaced the gearbox and drive line. The leak has not returned. I now have over 300,000 miles on the truck and have had no other problems.

Of course there will be the occasional worn part, but with care this truck can last a long time.

General Comments:

Other than the above mentioned problem this truck has been great. We tow a 26' sailboat with it and it works like a champ. My kid keeps trying to lay claim to it, but I won't let my truck go.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2005

1993 Dodge Dakota LE 5.2 EFI from North America


A good truck that is too maintenance intensive


My transmission went out at 112000 miles.

My air conditioner compressor stopped working at 86000 miles.

My water pump started leaking at 62000 miles, and again at 122000 miles.

My fuel pump went out at 77000 miles.

The fuel pump went out again at 80000 miles.

The fuel pump went out again at 110000 miles.

The wiper bushings have had to be replaced regularly, about every two years, since I have owned the truck.

The radiator started leaking at 85000 miles, was repaired, and lasted until 125000 miles.

The truck has had multiple electrical problems ever since I bought it, and it currently is not running because it needs a complete wiring harness.

General Comments:

It is a very powerful, good running truck when it is running. Gas consumption is horrible.

With the amount of money sunk into this truck, I could have bought a brand new one, and had change left.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2004

1993 Dodge Dakota Sport 5.2Liter from North America


Nice truck if you get a good one off the assembly line


From the time I bought this truck it has had a growl coming from the front end. I have replaced the shocks, half shafts, axle and hub assembly, brakes and rotors, and universal joints and it still growls.

The wiring has always had a short that I couldn't find.

The computer burnt up! The fuel injection quit working! I've had the top half redone once. I also had to put a new crate motor in which hasn't ran right since. Because I was sent a 318 that was punched 30 over and not an actual 318 magnum crate motor!!

I took the fuel injection off and converted it over to carbonation. Other than a few little adjustment it runs better than it ever has!

General Comments:

This truck seams to be fairly nice. It is a comfortable truck. It rides smooth! The four wheel drive works good. Even though I've never had it in the mud.

I haven't had a problem with the paint. There isn't any rust.

It also had some power! I have pulled some heavy trailers even when it wasn't running up to it's full potential.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2004

10th May 2004, 01:00

Hey, I own a 318 Dakota as well and I agree with your abundat power claim. As for the growling from the front end that's simple. Front diff. They are strong units, but for some reason have a habit of becoming prematurely worn. Mine makes a little noise, but it's not getting worse and it still works well so it stays. Pick up the haynes manual for your Dak. It will tell you in more detail.