2nd Aug 2005, 14:25

I love my 93 Dakota. It's a great truck. For a v6 it has a lot of power in it, I love spinning my tires too. It looks good, but the paint on the roof is chipping and the paint has faded. Had to do some work on it. New water pump, radiator, fuel pump, fuel filter, light switch, and spare tire hold linkage. Had to weld passenger door hinge to door again. Seats are in good condition except for the little tear on the driver seat. I wish it was a 4x4 because I have gotten stuck on my property, and I wish it had some tie downs.

9th Apr 2008, 10:16

I have a 93 3.9L Magnum Dakota Sport, and it runs like a champ.

I've only had to replace minor parts like the radiator, fuel pump, fuel filter, 2 water pumps, light switch, ignition switch, front brakes (rotors and pads), brake caliper, clutch, temp sending sensor, catalytic converter, muffler, radiator hoses, heater core hoses, and thermostat.

I still need to replace the motor mounts, clutch fan, spare tire hold, and fan shroud.

I have over 200,000 and it's still running strong.

This truck was also run off the road over a steep edge, over three boulders and it bent the k member that pushed the rack and pinion up on the passenger side about a half inch, and caused it to leak, snapped the bolts holding the bracket for the swap bar on the passenger side, cracked the windshield, and put a spiral shaped dent in the driveline, and that didn't even affect the performance of the truck, except for the fact that it can't be realigned, but other than that it's a good truck.

I have had problems with the doors. We bought the truck with the passenger side door bottom hinge breaking through the metal, and we put a solid bar behind it and bolted it to the door and fixed it temporarily, and now it's ripping around it and the seams of the door are coming loose and slide as you move the door. Now my driver's door is doing the same.

The paint is faded and is chipping away on top, but I sanded the rust off and primered it, and am going to paint the top and clear coat the whole truck to bring back the paint color.

I love this truck, it has a limited slip rear end and I just did my first doughnut in it the other day, and it did really good. For the size of the engine it has a lot of power (more power than it needs). When we first bought the truck, we were spinning the tire at every stop and we took off at 1500 rpm.

I love this little truck and I would love to keep driving it, but I can't afford the gas when it's only getting 15mpg, which I think there's something wrong with that, and I'm going to start comparing with other Dakotas, so if people read this please state your mpg's, I would appreciate it.

If you're looking for a good reliable truck, this is it.