1973 Dodge Dart Swinger 226 slant six from North America


Extremely reliable basic transportation


Broke a torsion bar spring.

General Comments:

My father in law bought this car new, and drove it until a front spring broke. It was a bit rusty at the time, so he bought a new car.

This car had only one option - the automatic transmission. Otherwise it was a completely bare model. No carpets (rubber floor mat) and vinyl seats. No radio. Manual steering, manual brakes (no power assists). Even some interior panels were bare metal. Even the windshield washer was manual, and not electric. It used a foot pump to squirt washer fluid on the window.

It was completely reliable. Nothing, not one thing broke or failed on it, ever. It always started and ran. Zero problems until a front spring broke, which is a somewhat common failure.

The car's performance was modest. It was not fast, but it kept up with traffic. It was not very quiet or comfortable, but it got you to your destination. The ride was a bit rough, for a car.

The interior was roomy and the trunk was pretty big, but the exterior dimensions were pretty compact.

Driving it was a bit of a chore. The manual controls were heavy and it took real effort to drive the beast. Overall, it was strictly basic transportation, without a lick of fun or entertainment. But the total reliability and low initial cost means a lot. A very sensible car for a young family with little extra money.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2014

24th Nov 2014, 02:41

Worst car this company made. Always died out when making a left hand turn. Junk!!!

1973 Dodge Dart Dodge "Sport" 340 340 from North America


A beast that got no respect!


Nothing major has ever gone wrong with the car. Had to replace oil pan and valve cover gaskets in 1997.

General Comments:

Purchased this car new in Memphis Tn in the spring of 1973. Back in those days it was known as a "fast" car, but did not get the same respect as a Cuda or Challenger, but could easily blow the doors off a 1973 Corvette and other so called muscle cars of the period. I sold the car to my brother in 1982 and he had it under lock and key in a garage until I purchased it back from him in 1997. The car has the original paint which is chocolate brown with a black stripe down the side, it came from the factory with a functioning (Black) snorkel hood scoop, 4 speed transmission, posi-rear and a 340. I been told it is a rare car with less than 200 made like the one I own... I did have on offer of $18,000 from one fellow at a local car show, but refused. My son loves the car and one day it will be his, he remembers riding in it when he was a child. I am 64 now and would never sell the car it brings back memories of my youth.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2007

9th Oct 2007, 01:59

These particular cars are indeed long-lasting! I bought one in 1996 with a 318 and a transmission that simply would not quit. I eventually sold it to a collector for $3000 still running in 2005, and have regretted it ever since. Why Dodge does not make cars like this anymore is anyone's guess. Perhaps longevity coupled with simple easy-to-maintain components demand a hefty premium nowadays.