3rd May 2008, 17:15

I agree. In the late 60's through the 70's, Chrysler made the best engines and transmissions, and had the best styling. There is nothing else like an old Mopar, and I was a hardcore fan. I don't know what happened to them, but I didn't feel like they had anything to offer me for about 30 years, since 1975. The Chrysler 300 is appealing, as is the Charger (if you ignore the name on a 4-door), and I'm anticipating seeing the first Challenger on the road.

13th May 2017, 19:10

This car was called the Dodge Demon for its first two years (1971-72). Chrysler changed the name to Dart Sport after getting complaints about the demonical reference.

As usual, they dug up the Demon name again to put on a version of the 2018 Dodge Challenger: 840 hp, 0-60 in 2.3 seconds, and demonical reference be, uh, damned!

14th May 2017, 14:34

I had the new Duster. Duster bodies were sharp then too. More or less like a Nova in size, but Mopar's version. Ordered all white with white parchment interior. The very rare option I had was the white metal crank sunroof that was ordered with no vinyl top. I have ordered many cars and I have never liked vinyl roofs. And also did not like side door trim. I had the dual sharp looking Sport mirrors. I didn't order air, but the large square doors under the dash brought in a lot of outside air. I also recall the back windows were hinged out. Not roll ups. It's been a lot of years, but I thought it was a nice looking car. Back then we ordered the small dog dish hubcaps.

I went with radio delete so the factory put a blank cover in the radio spot. I recall putting a really good stereo system in for the time. I put speakers in the rear passenger area very low to the seats and went with interior color matching grilles. I didn't want to cut up the rear shelf It was more work, but looked better.

I also ordered the much better looking steering wheel. Think it was only 50.00 more. I always thought many Mopar standard steering wheels were pretty ugly. And my car had a horrible looking stock wheel. That got checked off on the order sheet. Then immediately bought sharp mag wheels and wider tires. The tendency then was to jack up the car with wheels. I didn't like that. My favorites were chrome Cragar S/S.

Actually I think there were more hot Dusters back in the day vs the review car. The Duster had single tail lights.

Lastly, I installed a rear sway bar kit that was very difficult to install. Flatter cornering was the benefit. The nice thing ordering was you could really study the options. The downside was and is sometimes you had to order the one option you did want as a package. The best I knew in that era was Pontiac. You could order every performance part separate. Buying off the lot always felt like I was missing something. So I order and pay more, but it's always been worth it. The car has to fit you perfectly to be fun.