1974 Dodge Dart Custom Slant Six 225 from North America




This is the first vehicle I have ever owned as I just got my drivers license before purchasing it.

Nothing major has gone wrong with the car, I had to replace the battery, but that could be attributed to the amp and stereo that was installed.

Additionally, I had to get brake work done, as the shoes, lines and wheel cylinders were pretty worn.

The car was previously owned by a little ol lady who only drove it in winters and none of this work had been done in years.

Also, the engine needed a tune up, as there was a slight miss when the car was at idle.

The carb needed adjusting as well, in addition to the typical repairs such as radiator flush and good vehicle once over by a mechanic.

General Comments:

I love the front seat, the bench type seating is like sitting on a couch at home. The little vent windows are also super cool and provide for much ventilation. The interior gets somewhat warm on hot days, like the dash etc, which I cannot figure out why, but is normal from what I hear. In the over a year I have owned this car, it has definitely been worth the 1400 I spent.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2005

1974 Dodge Dart Custom 318 from North America


Awesome car!


Heat lines were cut by previous owner.

Air conditioning trouble until I took it out.

Radiator went.

Engine and transmission mounts went.

Fuel pump went.

Alternator went.

Carburetor went.

Push-rods and rockers broke.

Roof lining tore where it connects at the back window.

Ignition coil went out.

General Comments:

This is a great old car!

Muscle cars ended in '71 but '74 in my opinion was REALLY the last year for any power and muscle.

This is a 4 door not a muscle car, but it has been great. Sure, a lot of things have gone out, but hey it's 31 years old and has 106,000 miles (not bad at all for a '74 but still over 100,000)

I replaced each and every thing as it went out with no regrets, and right now it is running great with no problems.

Nothing has gone wrong with the engine or transmission. Things have gone out, but that's normal after 31 years and 100 k miles. The internal engine has not had or caused any problems, and the same with the transmission.

The interior is in great condition besides the roof lining near the back window. The seats are vinyl benches front and rear, but the front bench has split high-back seat backs and a fold down arm rest. No tears or rips in upholstery anywhere, except for on either side of the dash, but not noticeable unless you look for it, and the rear roof lining at rear window, which I will take to an upholstery repair shop.

Plenty of power, especially right from a stop, and not too bad gas mileage for a 5.2 liter.

Very comfortable!


Smooth riding!

I love this car and it's in great condition!

No rust anywhere on the whole car (AZ car).

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Review Date: 24th June, 2005

27th Jun 2005, 11:02

Nice review... but how is Granny getting to the grocery store, now that you got her Dart?

1974 Dodge Dart Custom 225 slant 6 from North America


Never has a car given me so much for so little in return


The idler arm was severely worn when I bought the car, causing the right front wheel to wobble a bit at high speed. It cost $35 to fix.

The oil pressure light didn't work. I installed a $15 oil pressure to fix that.

The muffler, "fell off" soon after I bought the car. I replaced it with a $20 glass pack.

The trunk lock had broken and the previous owner pried the trunk open so now it doesn't close right and it has to be opened with a screwdriver.

General Comments:

The car handles well considering the fact that it has no anti-sway bar.

Except for two flat tires this car has NEVER let me down. It will start even on the coldest mornings (not very easily, though).

With the optional lower gearing the car accelerates surprisingly quick.

The lower gearing actually limits top speed (it sound like it is going to blow up at around 80mph) and the noise it makes at 65 may make long trips unbearable for some people (personally, I like the noise).

The front seat is very comfortable while the back seat is rather uncomfortable.

There is very little weight on the rear end making this car VERY dangerous in the snow. I find very hard to get moving in the snow and even when it is moving it does not want to go straight. It is also very hard to stop in the snow without power brakes!

This car could probably make it to hell and back if you wanted it to. (It looks like it has already been there!.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2005

14th May 2005, 18:09

You are correct. The slant six was the backbone of Chrysler powering all their small and even some mid size cars. With average care they are good for over 200,000 miles. Your only worries will be body corrosion and electrical problems from corroded ground connections.

This kind of reliability can put one out of business.