1974 Dodge Dart Sport 3.7 liter from North America


Simple and reliable


Nothing has gone wrong with this car. It is powered by the immortal slant six. Anything that has gone wrong has been my doing. For example, I rewired the entire car to replace ancient pitted and brittle wires, that were increasing incidences of voltage spiking. Overloaded my ignition coil because of a misplaced wire. Fried the computer module... again, a misplaced wire.

This car's wiring is as basic as they come. Nothing complicated like today's ridiculously over-computerized cars that last less than ten years... look at the pick-n-pull junk yards. Those yards are full of late model cars, abandoned because something electrical or electronic failed, causing the car to act erratic and unpredictable, and ending in a costly search for the delinquent parts, sensors or modules. Most mechanics today are baffled by the overly-complicated wiring and electronics in 'modern' cars.

General Comments:

My car averages 17 MPG in the city and 20 on the highway. Much less than my Cougar's 35 MPG... so, I drive it a lot less.

As well, many of the moving parts have been replaced. Few of the parts are actually original.

Too bad it's a polluter... although I plan to install a catalytic converter to reduce the pollution and the exhaust smell.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2013

15th Mar 2013, 22:55

You're going to add a catalytic converter to a car that did not come with one as original equipment?

You may well be the first person who has ever done this, at least voluntarily.

16th Mar 2013, 17:30

DO NOT add a catalytic converter to this car. It can cause overheating from excess back pressure, and can possibly cause your carpet pad to melt or catch fire. It can also cause worse smells than just normal exhaust smell. You should never put a catalytic converter on a car not designed for one.

1974 Dodge Dart Swinger slant six from North America


Fast and serious


Starter radio and the AC.

The car was a pet'd and pampered sunday super market shopper.

The head liner is ripped and scraped in one place.

General Comments:

It sounds like a caged beast when you start it. When it feels like starting that is...

It will be my car when it gets worked on, but it has had very little work and runs good.

I am 16 so this will be my first car if time and money permit.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2006

12th Nov 2006, 08:51

The slant 6 is one of the best engines ever made, a benchmark of reliability. It will run forever if you keep oil in it. People (Chevy and Toyota owners) will likely make fun of you because of the distinctive "rattle" that the slant 6 makes, but you'll have the last laugh when their cars are in the junk pile and yours is still running.

1974 Dodge Dart SE 318 from North America


A Good, Solid Car For Its Time


Windshield cracked by drunk brother-in-law.

Hood ornament stolen by punks.

Car was rusted badly in later years, but this was to be expected as the car was parked outside for years near the Pacific Ocean. Of course paint oxidized badly and vinyl roof peeled badly, too.

Sun visor broke.

Car did not start too well in cold weather despite having electronic ignition.

Trunk leaked - thinks left in the trunk would eventually get mildew.

General Comments:

Car was very fast when new. It had the 318 V-8, 4 doors, and a vinyl roof. My mother crashed into a motorcyclist, almost totaling the car. It was never quite the same after.

The interior held up remarkably well. After over 20 years it was still in very good shape.

I liked the size of this car. It was big enough to hold 4+ adults comfortably (it was official a compact back in the day), plus had a good size trunk. While certainly no sports car, it wasn't a boat either in terms of handling.

This car was pretty solid transportation for my whole family for about 20 years. It was still running when my mom decided to junk it due to it's no longer being able to pass the smog test.

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Review Date: 14th August, 2006