17th Mar 2013, 11:26

As far as pollution goes, think of it this way, you're doing more for the environment by keeping this very car on the road, than buying a new hybrid.

The process of smashing and melting cars consumes a lot of energy. Ditto for building a complex hybrid, their batteries, shipping the parts, and shipping the cars.

I suggest using this Dart as a weekend car, with its gas mileage and what not.

17th Mar 2013, 15:02

I would put a Mopar crate motor on and V8 it. 700 trans and a new rear. Address your pollution woes and liven it up. And build a keeper. My cousin has a 440 that he put in a Duster.

18th Mar 2013, 14:59

11:26 makes a good point. Studies have shown that due to energy resources used in the manufacturing process, a huge Chevy Suburban actually is less harmful to the environment than a Toyota Prius.

19th Mar 2013, 08:07

Does anybody buy a "new hybrid" to use "as a weekend car"?

How is keeping a "weekend car" (toy) "less harmful to the environment", unless the owner only drives it on weekends, and walks or rides a bicycle to work during the week?

19th Mar 2013, 09:04

A lot of us have a weekday boring car, which we tolerate, and an exhilarating fun car to enjoy for weekends, cruise nights, ice cream runs, shows etc. My finely tuned 8.5 MPG car gets its 30 miles max put on it weekends only. As little as it's driven, the fuel cost even at 93 octane has little impact cost wise, and or affecting the environment. If anything it saves on health care costs, as it's such a positive sense of ownership to enjoy.

19th Mar 2013, 15:54

A lot of people have "weekend cars". My family members own classic muscle cars, a Dodge Viper, and in my case, a custom Mustang. Mainly due to insurance costs and gas prices, these cars are driven only rarely. We all have smaller and more economical cars as daily drivers. I think that was what the commenter meant who suggested using the gas-guzzling Dart as a "weekend car".

20th Mar 2013, 11:13

Most of my circle has collector car insurance on classic, vintage and muscle cars. It's rarely over 500 a year, 2500 mile max, at least with the cars I know of.

I have cars that you never check the gas mileage, as annually it's such low usage anyway.

If you are 30 and have a new Viper, it is better to own a business. Over 50 it's great. I have a friend with 3 Vipers. Can't drive them all, and each is different.