1st Mar 2008, 12:38

I have a Dodge Diplomat 83 v-8 single barrel salon that is not getting fire from the solenoid. I have change it out to no avail. Still no fire. Changed the spark plugs and the distributor cap, also the wires. I am not getting any response.

The gas filter and fuel pump; not getting any gas coming through. Got the firing order and yet I am at my ends wit. Are there any suggestions for the problem? This car was running fine two months ago and now I can't start it at all. And yes it does turn over.

2nd Mar 2008, 09:57

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "not getting fire from the solenoid". Solenoids have to do with the starter, and if it turns over okay, and doesn't go "click click click" then the solenoid (or rather starter relay) is probably okay -- on Mopar starters the solenoid is part of the starter. Now just to make sure --- you have confirmed that there is no spark by removing a spark plug and grounding it on the block, and when you crank it there is no spark?

If you mean that you get no spark;

1) Try changing the ballast resistor. That's the little porcelain box mounted on the firewall behind the distributor. If the engine fires, but won't run, this is probably the problem.

2) Try changing the magnetic pickup in the distributor. Sometimes the engine heat will short out the magnetic pickup and you get no spark.

3) Use a resistance meter to check the coil. If it's shot, the meter will show continuity (i.e. virtually no resistance). A Hayne's manual will give you the range of ohms for your coil.

As for no gas, remove the fuel line from the carburetor and crank the engine to see if fuel sprays out (put a 2-liter bottle over the line to catch the gas, if any) :

1) You have changed the fuel filter?

2) Change the fuel pump

3) Sounds dumb, but are you sure there is sufficient gas in the tank?

8th Mar 2008, 08:25

To the gentleman who give me the answer for the diplomat 83, I thank you for good news, I will get to working on this as quickly as I can. I will inform you on the results as I continue to fix this wonderful car. once again thank you!!

8th Oct 2010, 19:27

Actually, to the commenter above who said that slant sixes never made much power, I have a rejoinder: look overseas. Chrysler in Australia made much of their slant sixes. They had Hemi head combustion chambers, and you could get up to a four-barrel on the really powerful models. These were no meek 90hp mills, these were revvy racing engines. It would be worth it to turbocharge one of the slant sixes, too. With upgraded gaskets these engines should take a lot of boost. Then you'd have an interesting sleeper. There's enough square edges on a Diplomat that another few in front for the intercooler won't make it look odd.

Slant six/ford straight six (200) /Pontiac OHC straight six/Chevrolet 250 straight six, there's a lot of good sixes out there.