2008 Dodge Durango SLT 4.7 from North America


Great SUV, but maintenance is expensive if you are not handy


Gas over-spill, fixed by Chrysler as part of a lifetime recall. Had to fight with the dealer as they pretended the recall does not exist; only after I told them I called Chrysler and gave them the recall number were they willing to do the recall.

Check engine light comes on and goes away as it detects minor gas leaks. Changed gas cap, EGR valve, no help. Seems to go away after long drives, and after filling it with gas.

Panels start to rust and bubble, a known issue unless it is treated yearly (that is why they sell with a large discount, ~$5k below average market prices).

Sway bar bushing rubber hardens in winter and makes a sound on bumps. The issue went away in Spring.


Battery died in January 2015, Costco item for $110 + tax.

The car has 16 plugs, changed 8 intake plugs myself, needs a non-standard thin spark plug socket, could not find any, so I bought a regular socket from Home Depot, and used my grinder to shave off a couple of layers to make it fit. Some are hard to reach, so make sure you have extensions and pivots. $80 + tax for NGK copper head park plugs (50,000 km life).

Will be doing the other 8 exhaust plugs in the Spring; these will be the double head platinum (160,000 km life +).

Changed front and rear diff fluids and transfer case fluid. Cost: $330.

Flush radiator: $140.

Changed two Goodyear SRA 265/60/R18 tires due to visible sidewall cracking: $500.

Changed mirror switch: $50.

Changed rear windshield arm: $60.

Installed side runner Nerf bar step from eBay: $200 + $50 for installation.

Oil spray to slow down rust: $100.

Air filter from Canadian Tire.

General Comments:

Maintenance is costly on this car, as with most SUVs.

The engine has lots of power (300 HP) and accelerates nicely from a stop or on the highway.

Driving on the highway is very comfortable. It gives you confidence to accelerate when you get the urge to waste some gas, or when you want to speed against the ricers or vans/SUVs.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2015

28th Jul 2015, 18:58

My grandfather had a Durango in 1999-2001? (not older than 2003). He replaced it with a Suburban which he liked better (2002) model, then a 2003 Suburban that he maintains perfectly. I remember the small 3rd row back seat when we were kids. That's about all. It was probably the best thing, seeing as Durangos have unscrupulous maintenance costs, along with major problems: engine, transmission, and computer.