9th Nov 2006, 22:16

I bought a used 99 Durango with 55,000 miles, w/in 6 months I had to replace a $300 alternator, $300 starter (last 2 vehicles were an 87 Chevy and a 90 Dakota when in the heck did starters and alternators go from $35 plus core charge too $300!!!, replaced passenger door lock actuator 3 times is still inop, again, all freeze plugs replaced due to leakage, speed sensor went out causing truck to try to take off in 2nd or 3rd gear and now the tranny leaks like a sieve when parked on a hill... hoping I could get some input on the tranny issue.

30th Dec 2006, 18:02

1999 Durango, 180,000 miles and have never had the the valve covers off. I change the oil about every 6000 miles (non synthetic) and it is just now starting to use oil. I did replace the water pump at 120,000. I have the cold transmission slip from 1st to 2nd, which has now become a very bad slip into 2nd. Will try the band adjustment. Thanks!!

16th Oct 2007, 19:22

My 2000 SLT Durango is starting the slipping transmission business (77M miles). No problems until last 4 months. My dealer changed the trans fluid and said it all looked great and wasn't the problem. The RPMs fluctuate while driving at normal speed and you can feel a jerking from time to time when auto shifts gears. Dealer said he never heard of that before and changing fluid should fix the problem. Didn't fix it... I understand (now) that Chrysler/Dodge is famous for transmission problems. Won't own another one once I get rid of this one.

7th Nov 2007, 14:32

Hi I have a 1998 Dodge Durango with a transmission question. Maybe somebody will know. Anyway, in the mornings when I start my Durango and put it into gear, it seems like it takes about 10 seconds before the transmission engages into gear. It seems like it does that especially when it is cold. I would appreciate any feed back about this problem. My Durango just turned 80,000 and had had no other problems besides replacing a new water pump. Please if you have experience and took care of the problem I would like to know. Thanks.

11th Nov 2007, 08:46

I have a 1999 dodge durango 5.9L I have over 200,000 miles.

At 185,000 I changed ball joints, tie rod ends, and a steering knuckle/spindle. Can't complain.

Now I do have the before mentioned tranny slip, but at over 200,000 miles cannot complain either, I had a GM that I had the tranny go at 110,000 so I feel lucky.

14th Nov 2007, 23:55

I have a 99 SLT durango, 5.9L 4x4, only problem I have had with it was drivers front wheel bearing, and rear wheel cylinders locking outward causing rear brakes to hang up, it drives great, handles as you'd think a vehicle of its nature would, only other problem I have is the ABS/brake light is on in the dash, which I've traced down to a 25 dollar sensor in the rear differential, I would definately buy another.

4th Feb 2008, 02:54

I have a 2000 Durango.. Junk Junk Junk.. nothing, but problems.

Replaced Transmission, Water Pump, Fans all in the year I have owned it. Never ever will I buy a Dodge again!

16th Mar 2008, 12:34

Bought 98 Durango 135,000 last spring This winter the car is having trouble shifting from 2-3rd I was also told it was the seals... Wish I had seen this site first.

30th Jun 2008, 21:35

I have been having a problem with my air conditioning on my 99 Dodge Durango. I took it to get serviced and they put freon in it and noticed the compresser was leaking. I drove it for about a week and the air worked great, it blew hard and was cold. Well I took it to get the compresser changed and they said the evaporator blew up so they changed that as well. I drove it for a couple of days and it sounds like it's blowing really hard but you can hardly feel it. So I take it back and they put a blower motor in it and then inform me that it's my Durangos year model that is the reason it doesn't work good. They say that in 2002 they changed how the vents work and mine will never be any better. The only reason that I keep going to the same place is the car dealership is paying for it. Does anyone else have this problem??? Thanks in advance for any help I get!!! BECKY.

29th Jul 2008, 21:07

People need to read and understand their manuals and find a reliable!!! mechanic you guys are getting ripped off like the comment on the bands. Bands get tight when they're cold and don't want to move gears around to shift: don't let your motor warm up and this happens! Do it repeatedly and it causes the band to start to slip. Hence it starts with a little jerking; goes to slipping. Then let me guess you still don't read the owners manual. You take it to a shop, get told it will cost a couple of grand to fix it so you keep driving it. Finally it goes. Bummer. Should have followed your service guide. The bands do get loose they do need to be tightend with your fluid change.

Buy a flower and don't water it and it will die - that is the same concept you bought a 30000 dollar truck and didn't take care of it. Maybe you kept it clean and pretty but you didn't service the tranny properly.

And as for the brakes: yeah they suck but you can replace them with a high ceramic pad and they do get a lot better. But depending on your mechanic, you about have to watch them put them on, because once they're done it's almost impossible to tell if they put the ones you want on. Seen it a million times: guy wants good pads gets cheap ones for a high price because he has no clue and the shops like it that way.

As for the ball joint and suspension problems grease them every time you have your oil changed. oh wait that's in your owners manuals too.

The whole point is if you buy something, you should read and obey the maintenance sections of the manuals if nothing else, or guess what - eventually it will fall apart!!

I love my Durango 327000 miles and counting not more than a water pump and 1 wheel bearing has been replaced!!!

Besides normal maintenance.

25th Aug 2008, 07:57

I own a 1999 Dodge Durango and it has over 120000m on it. I have only had one problem with it, I have replaced the air conditioner compressor once. It is completely paid off and my baby car. If you buy a used Durango get it completely checked out because if it was not taken care of from the previous owner than you are going to have problems. I have the durango and it is the best car I have had, it is safe, great in snow/mudd, I have the oil changed all the time, very well taken care of.

26th Aug 2008, 13:45

I read these myriad problems and wonder. I replaced the ball joints at 180,000 miles on the '99 Durango I bought new.

Where is this $600/side cost I keep reading about? Rockauto sells the ball joints for less than $60 total for all four that are needed. A Saturday morning, a cold chisel, two wrenches, a jack and electric drill are all that is needed for replacement.

Ball joint failures at 30,000 miles? What are people doing in their Durango's---chasing rabbits across plowed ground?

The adjustment of the shifter cable from the throttle linkage to the transmission has much to do with the transmission shift points. The Haynes manual give the specifics for setting it and these high RPM requirements for shifting will often go away. Change the transmission filter and fluid as recommended and make the band adjustments while the pan is off.

My Durango has 214,000 miles and yep, I've had a lot of these troubles. Multiple plastic sensors have failed, power steering pump and recently the starter. Still running the original brake shoes on the rear wheels and the original alternator. One set of brake pads on the front. Will get 20 MPG when driven sensibly.