10th Dec 2009, 11:58

Interesting chain of comments.

I am the owner of a performance/ accessory shop. We typically do all our own maintenance on the shop vehicles as well as our customers.

It is interesting to see the love them/hate them relationship people have with their vehicles, but I would have to say that some of the concerns listed above are crazy.

The overheating issues mentioned earlier are probably all caused by the final repair, and that every repair to that point was wasteful misdirection from the repair shop.

If you have a 318/360 equipped dodge (SUV or TRUCK), it uses oil and pings under light acceleration, you need to replace the intake manifold gasket. It's that simple, doesn't need a tune up (although it isn't a bad idea), or an ECM reflash.

If your speedo doesn't work until 30 or so MPH, and you have an ABS/Brake light on the dash, you need to replace the rear differential speed sensor.

I found this site looking for the cause of a delayed, cold 2-3 shift on my recent Durango purchase. I hung a snow plow on the front of it and expect nothing more than $850 worth of service from it (which is what I paid). I will gladly try the band adjustment mentioned earlier in conjunction with a typical trans service. I can say with the addition of the plow I am expecting to have ball joint/wheel bearing issues in the future.

Folks need to do their research and simply google a symptom when you first realize it. TAKE CARE OF IT IMMEDIATELY. If not, it will lead you to a much more costly repair.

If your bank were to contact you and say that there is a problem with your account, I am sure most will try to rectify it ASAP, the same holds true for your vehicle. Take care of the seemingly small issues and avoid the problems.

1st Jun 2011, 14:27

Hello, my name is Garth.

I have been driving a 1999 Dodge Durango. It has 207,116 miles on it right now. Everything still works at tip top shape. But the only thing that doesn't work is the A/C. That quit last week at 207,93 miles. But to me, this car is a great car.

5th Apr 2012, 21:37

I have a small leak, it's not horrible or anything. The fluid isn't burnt, it's just leaking from it looks like an intake valve (metal hose). Any advice? And it sounds like you know what you're doing.

13th Jul 2012, 15:47

What caused it to shift that way?

21st Mar 2016, 16:18

My RAM had same issue. Won't come up outta first gear. $20 sensor. Counts the driveshaft and tells the computer when to shift. Actually there are 2 sensors. Might as well change both.