1989 Dodge Dynasty 3.0 V 6 from North America


Buy this car if you like comfortable and smooth driving


I had to replace the radiator because the radiator seam split.

I had to replace the water pump.

And, because the water pump is run by the timing belt I replaced that at the same time.

I replaced the brakes.

I replaced the transmission.

I replaced the tires.

I replaced the CV Axle.

(All of these replacements were done between 130000 miles and 135000 miles.)

General Comments:

I love the seats. They are very comfy.

The car has great acceleration for a large sedan.

The trunk is huge. I can fit a lawn mower inside and close the trunk lid.

The carpet and upholstery have held up very well. It looks nicer than my husband's 1993 Honda Civics does.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2005

10th Jun 2005, 10:54

Yeah the size of the trunk in the 89 dynasty is incredible!! I can fit 4 winter tires or part of my drum set (everything, but the bass drum). A nice ride, love the style (I'm 22 years old) and it's very comfortable. What some people call "grandmother poodle loving car" I call a " 22 year old meshuggah (swedish heavy metal band) loving car!!"

10th Jun 2017, 03:44

Something about all of the K-derived sedans makes them appear much smaller than they actually are. The box-like shape did help a lot with space utilization, too.

10th Jun 2017, 21:17

We had one of these as a new company car in the past. Had transmission issues. Fortunately I was driving a different make at the time as far as a company car. I know it's hearsay, but that was what we heard at various meetings.

1989 Dodge Dynasty 3.0 Litre V6 from North America


The Green Machine II


- Radiator had to be replaced.

- New spark plugs were installed.

- Muffler and exhaust had to be replaced.

- Small rust spots over wheels.

General Comments:

- 1989 Chrysler/Dodge Dynasty V6 3.0. 200 Horsepower, 220 Ft/Lbs torque.

- This car is a fairly large sized family sedan. It rides very smoothly almost like a luxury sedan. You can hardly even feel small potholes.

- The seats are some of the most comfortable seats that anybody has ever been in. Everytime people sit in the car, I get comments on how soft and comfy they are. Especially on long road trips or highway driving.

- The car only has a 3.0 Litre V6 Engine which is the lowest available of 3, but this is all the power that's needed. In town, you can easily take off and cut through traffic. On on the highway if you need to pass someone, just put down the pedal. The speedometer moves faster then almost any sedan that I have ever seen without a turbo. The best time that I`ve had the car at was 0-60MPH in around 7 1/2 Seconds. Most Dynastys seem to do it at around 10-12.

- This is an amazing vehicle that should not be made fun of. I would definately recommend one to anybody who wants to beat out those Honda street ricers in the cities. ;)

- The Legend of The Green Machine Lives On!...

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Review Date: 29th April, 2004

1989 Dodge Dynasty 3L V6 from North America


A fast, dependable car for the price!


The car is a 1989 and it almost perfect condition. The engine is immaculate and in great shape with no promlems. It has around 125 000 KM on it and runs like new.

The radiator went bad and had to be replaced. Besides, that there hasn't been any serious problems with the car.

General Comments:

1989 Chrylser/Dodge Dynasty 3 Litre V6. This car has an amazing amount of power for an older, fairly large family car. My father and I have done 0-60 tests on flat roads and got amazing 0-60 times at around 7 seconds. On the highway doing the speed limit, when needed to pass someone, the car's response takes no time climing up the speedometer. Although it doesn't have a high top speed, the car's acceleration surely make up for it.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2003

26th Aug 2004, 17:44

Just out of curiosity: did you time the 0-60 with a G-Tech accelerometer, with a stopwatch, or just by counting "one-one thousand..."? I don't mean to sound disrespectful, but I used to have an '88 Dynasty (3.0L V6, 140hp), and using a stopwatch, its best time was 11.8 seconds. I realize that your Dynasty (being a more recent model with a larger engine) has a 30hp advantage over the '88 model, but with all due respect I don't see how 30 more hp and a bit more engine displacement could shave nearly 5 seconds from the 0-60 time.

20th Oct 2004, 11:50

I just wanted to say that I have an '88 Dynasty with almost 200,000 miles on it and it can still hit the 0-60 test in about 7 seconds. I love this car, and would suggest to anyone that it is worth buying. I wish they still made them.