2006 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.8 V6 from North America


Excellent vehicle for the long term


Excellent vehicle with maintenance. It has had struts and shocks replaced in the last month. Left inner tie rod at 135K, alternator bearing at 185K. Water pump at 175K. Engine left running most of the day, if you are going to spend excessive amounts of time in the rear of the vehicle, get the dual air conditioned models.

I use this vehicle for work everyday and spend 50 hours per week inside it. Also, the stow and go package where the seats drop into the floor is over-rated. The floor door flaps fall apart and one cannot remove the rear seats. They are heavy and probably affect fuel economy albeit only slightly. It does not burn oil ever. The heating and cooling are 100 percent reliable. I have added freon from a kit for lasting cold.

I have found the vehicle to be stable on the road with predictable handling. I have heard the 2006 is better than other model years. the 3.8 V6 delivers the same mileage as the smaller engine.

The driver side window motor occasionally "winks" out then works if I try it 10 minutes later. The left turn signal doesn't always shut off. Typical items replaced have been wear items such as brake pads, shocks, tires.

This vehicle never overheats, even in 100 degree weather. Engine Temp Gauge is always just below half. The vehicle delivers excellent fuel economy in the twenties.

Note: the tire size is a little less common for this model year...P215R65-16. Sometimes harder to find. I recommend regular fluid changes and good maintenance to get 200-300K miles from one of these.

General Comments:

If you are buying one of these, the best value seem to be in the Chicago area. Shop, shop, shop! Good values in Kentucky too.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2010

10th Mar 2012, 15:13

I have been the owner of this vehicle. It now has approximately 267,000 miles. It does not burn oil, and has delivered consistent performance and MPG throughout its life, delivering 22-23 MPG over the road every day.

After driving 234,000 miles in this vehicle: I can say take care of it, and it will take care of you. If vehicle should run rough and the engine light comes on, it's probably a plug wire or gas cap.

For serious performance, use slotted brake rotors on the front. Uses double platinum plugs at .050 gap.

Driver's seat moldings will fall apart; prolong their life by reinforcing the inside of the plastic around the mounting holes from the back of the moldings using J.B. Weld or similar; should do the trick.

One caution: this vehicle has blind spots when backing up, be extra careful... happy motoring!

Best vehicle I've ever owned. Just bought another one!

2006 Dodge Grand Caravan from North America


Great minivan, good mileage and comfortable


Double automatic sliding doors work well unless you open them by hand; can really hurt your arm it is so hard to open.

Makes a whining noise, always has still does.

Problem with the rear heat.

General Comments:

I owned a 2001 Grand Caravan. I put 285,000 miles on it. I loved it. The air bag was a problem due to a faulty spring apparently. I didn't fix it, cause by the time I realised it didn't work, I was ready for a new car. No other serious problems.

My newer car is a 2006 Grand Caravan. The older model was made more sturdily in the interior, but I love the double rear opening doors, and the stow n go.

I am just now experiencing some problems with the rear heating unit.

The air bag light came on and hasn't gone off... reminiscent of an earlier model. Going in tomorrow to have it seen to, as well as a faulty rear windshield wiper.

The doors are tough to open by hand, but so far the motors work well opening them.

Love the remote key door opener, no problems.

I feel badly for the people with the 2005 problems, but I love this car. Just a bad year no doubt.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2010