2006 Dodge Grand Caravan SE 3.3 from North America


There was oil leaking prior to purchase, which was the intake seal.

At 36,021 miles, my air conditioner quit and was not covered under warranty, due to being 21 miles over.

At 40,000 miles, front brakes.

At 50,000 miles, my power steering air cooler leaks.

At 67,000 miles, needs brakes again.

Overall, not a bad van.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2011

2006 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT Stow-n-Go 3.8 V6 from North America


Great family van!!


Problem free.

General Comments:

This is our second Grand Caravan. We had a 1999 Grand Caravan that had 70000 miles on it when my wife and I decided to trade it in for our 2006 model.

When we first set our eyes on it, we immediately fell in love with it. Ours is champagne with beige cloth seats. It also has the entertainment system for the kids. The interior alone is way better than our previous 1999 model. With the Stow-n-Go seating, it makes the interior far more flexible. The seats are ever so comfortable, and you feel like you are sitting on your comfortable couch. The controls are perfectly placed, and ours has the power sliding doors, which we really like a lot. You sure could not ask for any more storage places than in this vehicle. Same for cupholders.

The cargo area is great, and very flexible and roomy. Plenty of room behind the third row for grocery bags, or whatever you want to put back there.

The ride? It rides very smoothly on the roadway. We wish that it would be a bit better on certain bumps, but it is good enough for us.

My wife and I really like it, and so does our 2 year old Golden Retriever. Our kids really like it as well. A few of our family members also have one of these, and they really like theirs.

If you are in the market for a used one of these, look for one that has low miles, and was well maintained by the previous owner.

No wonder why there are so many on the road! They are best sellers that speak for themselves. Chrysler was the inventor of these, and will always be.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2010

23rd Oct 2010, 01:21

Thanks for the great review! It sounds like a great van. You're absolutely right, the Caravan is the best minivan for your money. Just look for a well maintained, low mileage one; there are plenty around.

The only problems that occur with these vans are due to owner's not maintaining them. Also they are often used for commercial use, moving, hauling heavy stuff, pulling boats, trailers, etc, so of course if you do that, it won't last as long either.

I've owned 1 Caravan, and 2 Town and Country vans over the years, all were great and never failed or left me stranded. Maybe I will consider one of these in the future!

10th Nov 2010, 16:02

You would think that Dodge would finally get a van that made families happy. I own a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT with the 3.8 engine. I am embarrassed to mention that I own this.

The front brakes needed to be replaced at 22,000 miles. The back ones at 31,000.

Under warranty, the rack-and pinion went out.

Had to replace the EGR valve at 25,000 miles.

The dealer told me the sway bar bushings need replacing, & the transmission fluid needs to be flushed at 31,000 miles.

Don't get me started with resale value on this. Paid $24,000 in June of 2006, and might get $7,000 in November of 2010 from a dealer.

30th Aug 2011, 12:17

"The dealer told me the sway bar bushings need replacing, & the transmission fluid needs to be flushed at 31,000 miles."

I suspect the dealer was trying to get you to purchase un-needed repairs. The sway bar bushings certainly did not need replacing at 31,000 miles, and the AT fluid did not need to be flushed. I seriously think you were lied to.

Did you examine the bushings, or look at and smell the fluid yourself? If it was pink and did not look or smell burned, it was just fine. This vehicle's transmission will take incredible neglect and abuse. You have to be smarter than the dealer.

Next time go elsewhere and find an honest mechanic. Failures do happen, but you were had. Prove me wrong, sign me Dodge Gr. Caravan owner and a 30 year shade tree mechanic and professional fraud investigator.