26th Sep 2017, 17:27

I completely agree with this review. It seems that Chrysler does want to kill the Dodge Grand Caravan. However it is the only vehicle out there where one can go from the driver's seat into the rear areas of the vehicle without exiting. Chrysler has forgotten where they came from and the people who drive these vehicles. I am very disappointed in my 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan. It is the fourth Grand Caravan SXT I have owned and probably the worst. The most difficult problem I have with it are the brakes and spongy brake pedal. I will not buy another Dodge Grand Caravan. I will probably look at Toyota or Honda's offering.

15th Jul 2018, 14:17

I am the original writer of this review. Present mileage is 198,000. It seems Chrysler/Dodge could screw up a wet dream. They are made cheaper and cheaper and often in ways that you will not immediately notice.

One flaw is the ignition system with the Fobik (key) and the plastic module it enters (ignition). They are of the poorest quality.

Foot room, I also had to modify the lower center console in order to get my feet from the driver's seat to the back of the vehicle. Carefully cutting back the lower console box and re-affixing with black Dodge screws gave me an extra 3.5 inches of room to wiggle through. Hope this helps someone.

All years of the 3.8L motor are good. The 6-speed transmission is jerky but reliable. I plan to get another 75-100,00 miles out of this vehicle.

To boost fuel economy, along with the 6-speed auto transmission, the vehicle has less weight and this is evident in places like the plastic rocker panels and replacement of metal (headlight supports) with ABS plastic. Cheaper means fewer bolts on the engine oil pan and transmission oil pan. 14 bolts reduced to 12 bolts. No OEM gasket, just a thin bead of silicone. If you are using synthetic oils (engine and transmission), with high miles, you should remove and re-install pans.

I am beginning to wonder what other unseen shortcuts Dodge may have in store for me. Also, the heat and air vents suck i.e. cheaper, less useful and fewer than previous generation vehicles.

Otherwise, the vehicle performs as it should, and the engine and transmission, and air conditioning systems seem bullet proof. There are lots used Caravan/T&C models out there with good deals available. I paid $5500 US dollars for this one with 117,000 miles.