15th Nov 2006, 00:04

My 91 D.G.C. SE is a gem. Although I would have to agree with the first post, the replacement parts are an arm and a leg. I would have to say that regular oil and filter changes (with injector cleaner also) have made mine last so long. also I made a point of changing the plugs every year. I did have to do the fuel pump once, radiator twice, exhaust once (aftermarket flowmaster kicks), struts once, rotors once (about due), rear bearing drums once and starter once. For what I paid of $400.00 out the door, I have been to the mountains, ocean, camping and daily kid and equipment hauler. The 3.3 V6 always surprises and undermines the other rats in the race. 15 years old, not bad. I just can't figure out my recent battery boil over problem. I got a new one and it's dead after a week, but my alternator tests as good, according to Kragen. Any advice Caravan Crowd?

7th Feb 2012, 00:37

I'm the guy who originally owned the 1991 Dodge Caravan at the top of the page, with the 3 muffler replacements in 2 years, etc.

A few years after I wrote this, I had a wealth of new problems with the vehicle, including a new alternator ($400), and I had the power steering pump come loose, causing it to snap 4 serpentine belts in a week before the yokels at the local shop figured out what was really wrong.

I was getting ready to sell it, but after shelling out nearly $1000 in repairs, I totaled it in a car wreck!

I was one of the lucky owners who never had any transmission issues with my Caravan, save the differential cover.

It was a comfy vehicle to drive and ride in, but after owning another Dodge Caravan (a 1994) after that one, I don't think I'd own another.