14th Nov 2005, 19:32

Have enjoyed my 2001 Caravan v6 Sport. It is comfortable except not enough leg room in the second and third row seats. I have had to replace the driver side power window motor twice. I just replaced the front end bushings and sway bar at 49,000 miles. I also just replaced the radio/CD player which just up and quit. I'm glad I purchased an extended warranty.

30th Dec 2005, 23:14

Hah! Many of these are the same problems we have with our '01 Grand Caravan ES!

At about 20,000 a strut plate went bad. The power steering pump was loud, but the dealer didn't know what was wrong with it - even though I pointed out that I had read that there was apparently a problem with the hose on these. They assured me that if there was, they would know about it.

A couple of visits later, they replaced the hose. Also, coincidence or not, the gauge lights didn't work. They had the van for a few days, and said I could leave it overnight for them to fix. I said I would bring it back. By the time I did, the 3/36 expired, and electrical problems apparently are not covered. I had to pay $100.00 for them to fix something that I consider they broke. I argued this, but they wouldn't give me the van until I paid.

The drivers window would be sporadically inoperative, and the dealer would not fix it until they "saw" it not working. They didn't "see" it, of course, until after the 3/36 warranty was up, so we had to spend $50.00 on the extendeds' deductible!

Ah, those front sway bar bushings! The dealer wanted $200.00 to replace as they were not covered under the extended warranty. I did it myself - the bushings cost $20.00.

Now, at 53,000, the front end is making horrible noises! Rattles and clunks. I believe it is the strut plates (again)!

These costs are small compared to some, but this is our first new vehicle. Frankly, I think next time I will stick to used! They cost less, and these kind of problems are expected of a used car - not a new one!

13th Feb 2006, 00:40

I have one quick thing to say about one of the above comments, from 14th Nov 2005, 19:32. They own and Caravan and say there isn't enough leg room. That's because it's a Caravan, not a Grand Caravan. We (my wife and I) looked at the Caravan and having 4 kids we decided there wasn't enough leg room for the kids in the back. I suggest if you have 1 or 2 kids and own a Caravan, take out the two middle seats (or one). Then there will be more rear leg room.

14th Apr 2006, 17:05

A few years ago Chrysler went through a period where their parts suppliers were pressured to cut prices. I believe many went overseas to have parts manufactured cheaper. I repair my 2001 Caravan myself and many parts I removed are marked as made in China. I wonder what percentage of parts of a Chrysler product are made there? It is hard to believe that things like suspension bushings, small motors, clocksprings, trim and other previously durable parts should only last 35k miles. I never replaced a bushing in all of the many previous cars I owned. I recently bought a Toyota Solara and the quality difference is startling.

13th Jun 2006, 20:58

We also have a 2001 Dodge Caravan with multiple problems. Both driver windows periodically work, it is making strut noises as listed above and the radio just quit working. I have gotten on a few websites and there are some recalls regarding these problems. We did purchase an extended warranty, but have gone over the mileage allowance (of course) which means it is no good anymore. Any fixes for the radio?

14th Sep 2007, 00:11

Hello people, I am Gilbert, from California USA.

Just to let ya'll know, I SHOULD HAVE listened to you guys (and all other reviews stating to AVOID DODGE/CHRYSLER products).

We had just bought a nice used 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan on Sept 2007 (labor day weekend) with 97,000 miles EVEN AFTER I had read the CARSURVEY.ORG reviews of these vans. I had bought it because I thought you guys were exaggerating about how bad they are.

I had bought it, because me and my wife REALLY liked how these look, and LOVED the room and great comfort. NICE! The biggest reason was the price! $4500 for a 6 year old van. What's funny is the 2007 models look exactly like the 2001 models (2001's are the 1st year of the redesigned Grand Caravan). That's neat, because our van looks newer than a 2001. People will think I paid $10k to $15k haha.

The Caravans are due to be redesigned for 2008!

WELL anyways. When we got it, I saw the nice big yellow light... The dreaded check engine light. Hmmmm, I wonder. But salesman told me they need to smog it. I take it to the salesman, they fixed it. I was NOT charged (law says seller has to smog before sale). Salesman told me it was an oxygen sensor. I get it back. Perfect now, cool, happy now. We went to visit my wife's family the next day. When I was driving for a visit to a lake with the family, suddenly I was hearing a noise, like if the van had slightly loud exhaust or as the motor mount is shot. OH GEE, I hope it's not big!! That noise comes on suddenly, at any time. When we leave the lake, and night falls, suddenly the dreaded check engine light comes back on, OH GEE. Going home the next day, ABS light comes on too! ARG!!! My wife gets concerned.

A couple days later, I decided to use this Dodge Caravan to go to work. On my way, suddenly the transmission STOPS shifting gears, it STAYS ON SECOND GEAR. OH WOW, what's this going to cost me...

I got very depressed, and even my wife did too. It got me super tense (and by the way, I've been diagnosed for depression). OH GEE, DO I NEED A NEW TRANSMISSION? I wonder? Being depressed for a day, I take to a transmission shop. The MOMENT the mechanic heard the dreaded word "Dodge Caravan", he knew ALL about it!!! WOW he knows. You know what that tells me, that's HOW CRAPPY Dodge products are!! They fix these "left and right".

Well anyways he tells me, it is likely that the problem is electrical (the sensors and computer on the transmission). He told me also, that is what made the check engine light come on. The transmission must be in the "limp mode (stays in second gear)". I was now relieved a little.

ALL THIS "DRAMA" happened in just one week after buying (and at 97k miles). GEE... So many problems already!!! That's an American car for you (and me sadly). I commented the SAME THING ALL OF YA'LL say, you guys were RIGHT, Dodge/Chrysler REALLY ARE LOW QUALITY. ***** I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU BUY ONE, STAY AWAY ******

I have a 1997 Mitsubishi Mirage. It just turned 150,000 miles today (9-13-07). I had this japanese car for 6 years, and it NEVER, NEVER gave my ANY problems like this before!!! I even had an 1985 Mazda 626, with 200,000 miles when I sold it on June of this year 2007; I NEVER HAD THESE PROBLEMS!!! Both of these are "J" cars (ones with 1st letter of VIN # being a J).

So as of now, it's not fixed yet. Good thing I don't need to use it. I use my 97 Mirage for work. Has anyone had the experience on the transmission too? As of now, because we had JUST BOUGHT this van, I refuse to get rid of it right now, AND I'M NOT GOING TO GET RID! I don't want to see thousands of $$ LOST IN A INSTANT (probably worth $3500 as is now, glad I paid $4500 and not $10000)!!! I like it better, that I see a nice looking van parked on driveway, even if needing some repair, than get rid of it 1 week after buying.

One other comment I have to say too, NEWER vehicles SHOULD NOT BE DOING THIS so early in their lives. ESPECIALLY NEW CARS (American cars for that matter). WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE QUALITY OF TODAY'S CARS? There seems to be MORE problems with NEWER cars than the cars of 10 or 20 years ago. WHAT HAPPENED car manufacturers, what happened to you guys!!!

AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED, I WILL NEVER AGAIN BUY DODGE products. Or for this matter, American!

I had VERY bad luck with American cars I bought. My Ford Taurus (tranny dies at 113k) and Ford Escort (engine dies at 133k); both 1994's. The last American car I bought was in 2000. I never wanted American, but 6 years later I decided I wanted to give American ONE MORE CHANCE, because I really like some things about American cars. After this "drama" within 1 week after buying, YOU GUYS BLEW IT!!!

Some of you commenters probably will scold me: Well that's what you can expect from a used vehicle!

Well how come I NEVER HAD THIS "DRAMA" on ALL "J" cars I EVER OWNED!!!