8th Feb 2008, 14:14

I have a 2002 Grand Caravan and am having the intermittent window issue. It seems I need to get a new motor for it.

For the person who commented in December about your van sputtering when you first start it, and then to come back to a dead van. I had this issue just last week at 77K. Brought it to the shop where the mechanic said it was the ignition coil. Paid $600 for towing and to get the van fixed, just for it to happen again four days later. I tried starting the van and it smelled of gasoline. Luckily the mechanic paid to have it towed to his shop and changed the oxygen intake exchange. It has been five days and seems to be doing great.

Other than these two recent inconveniences, I have had no problems with the van. After reading these posts though, I am thinking this is just the beginning of an expensive journey.

13th Feb 2008, 20:05

I have a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport with something over 100K miles on it with the clunky front end. We were told that it was probably loose struts when we got the van for our business. Since it ran okay otherwise we didn't worry it too much. Now that we sold the business and want to sell the van, it's a problem. I replaced the struts and that didn't fix the problem. When I jacked the front end up on one wheel, the free wheel would rock side to side, but not up and down, so I suspected something in the steering. First diagnosis by a repair shop said an inner tie rod, but when they got into it, they said the rack and pinion. Supposedly, they replaced the one in it with a used tight one, but the clunk is still there. They're not going to charge me for the rack and pinion, but they recommend a factory replacement rather than a rebuild. It's interesting to see the sway bar and bushings mentioned here. Certainly replacing the bushings is cheap and easy try at a fix for me, but I'm still suspicious of the steering gear.

15th Feb 2008, 22:46

For the person mentioning misfire on cylinder #2, I have had a few problems related to this (as well as many other problems with this van). I once had this same code and the spark plug was fouled. The gap was totally filled with carbon. Replaced the plug and all was fine.

I had another, much more expensive, related problem. Rough running, heavy smell of fuel, and eventually and engine light. When the light came on it turned out my ECM had died. I replaced it and it ran well for about a month, then the same thing again with another failed ECM. Making the story short, it turned out that all of the inuslation had been eaten away somehow at a low spot on my fuel injector wire harness. This caused the transistor to blow in the ECM. ECM is about $750 new if you do it yourself.

SO if your plug looks good in cylinder two, checking the wire harness may not be a bad idea.

BTW, I've also had many of the mentioned problems here as well as a failed tranny computer (about $300 if replaced yourself.

16th Feb 2008, 14:45

I own a Dodge Grand Caravan Sport. I bought this new in '01 with the extended warranty... just in case! Wow was the "just in case" ever right!

I have had numerous problems starting with a dead battery at 2000 miles (dealer replaced free), then the fun really began...

The air compressor failed at 5000 miles.

An oil leak at 5000 miles, and again at 6000 miles, both under warranty.

The power window motors on both sides have been replaced so many times I lost count after 12.. I don't even use them anymore!

As of late, the transmission just got replaced for the 3rd time!!! And only after 1000 miles were put on it.. I talked to the dealer to reduce the price ($3700.) to a verbal on the phone agreement to $1300.00... my mistake for not taking the time to get it in writing! When I went to pick it up I paid $1650.00 + tax ($1785.00); they had the nerve to tell me I mis-understood the estimate... funny though.. I am not deaf!!

I have just wrote a formal complaint to Chrysler corporate to express my dissatisfaction and will never buy Dodge again.. EVER!!! The irony is the 2008 Caravan comes with a lifetime power train warranty... why you ask? Because their design is flawed... they can't fix it and they know they're at fault!

20th Jun 2008, 12:07

I have a 2002 Grand Caravan with 75000. The first 3 years were great, but then the problems started. I have had the same problem with brakes and rotors needing to be replaced and the sway bar bushings. The AC compressor went on me and now I have noise from the rear wheels, rear bearings, I'm sure. Plus the car has been in and out of the dealer for side and rear door problems. Even with the warranty it still costs $100 a visit and they always seem to find another issue that costs me big bucks. The worst thing though was when the rear heater line started to leak. I took it back and was told it was considered a hose (even though it was metal) and it cost me about $500 to replace. The service department is awful and I will never, ever buy another Dodge vehicle!!

6th Jul 2008, 15:19

I have a 2002 Grand Caravan. I also have the front end noise. I find the sway bar info very interesting, I will check this out.

I am also having a problem where I am getting heat only from the driver side vents with the A/C on. This problem started when I went to trim the A/C with the heat slide switch, so something must have gotten stuck. I am having trouble locating info on the make up of this system. Does this vehicle have a heater valve; if not, how is the flow of water through the heater coil controlled, or how is heat delivered to the passenger compartment? Any info or direction on where to get this info would be appreciated.


19th Aug 2008, 16:51

The same thing happened to my parents while they were driving their 1997 Mercury Sable station wagon --- one of the rear windows just spontaneously imploded while driving down the road! It's either just one of those weird things, or maybe a semi kicked up a stone at high speed, or maybe some psycho shot it. Who knows? Point is, I don't think it's an actual "Caravan problem."

30th Aug 2008, 14:21

I bought a 2002 Caravan SE at 10,000 miles.

The transmission blew at 38,000 miles.

The motor mounts and catalytic converter had to be replaced at about 65,000 miles.

I have done excellent maintenance on this vehicle, including engine flushes, regular oil changes, check on fluids, recently hoses and back shocks and sway bar bushings were replaced.

During my entire ownership of this car (it is now at 93,000 miles) it constantly has a front end problem, and the shuttering steering wheel problem. It sounds absolutely horrible over bumps and speed bumps (I always drive over them carefully anyway). It squawks very loudly. People have asked me many times what is wrong with my Caravan, out of concern.

I can't get the dealerships to fix this problem. First they said the horn caps needed lubing. That didn't work. Then they said the left controller arm was 1/4 turn loose, and tightened that. That seemed to work, but now has come back.

I am terribly afraid that the lower left controller arm is loose again. I don't take it on the freeway anymore, worrying that the controller arm will fall away and I will lose control of the steering. I can't get help on this. I drive a small child to school in this Caravan. I feel trapped into not being able to provide her with safe transportation, since all my money was already sunk into fixing this van.