1993 Dodge Intrepid ES 3.5 litre V6 from North America


Great car for the dollar!!


This car has been very reliable, but the a/c had to be fixed many times. The power windows and seats are getting pretty slow, and some of the plastic on the interior is peeling off.

General Comments:

The big 3.5 v-6 on the es model gives lots of power where you need it. I find that many times from a stop sign or a red light I may jolt a little when I take off. This car accelerates nice and quick. I prefer this car to my dad's 2002 accord lx.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2002

1993 Dodge Intrepid ES 3.3 from North America


Don't, but a 1993 Intrepid


Six transmissions, all replaced by the dealer at their cost, but what a headache. Air has failed numerous times, now the evaporator coil has failed. Took it to another shop, they recharged it in the spring and it has lasted all summer. So I will recharge every spring at $100 before I pay $750 for another coil. Front end lasted 100,000 before $1200 rebuilt it. Water pump cover warped, $500, head gaskets blew, $500. Tranny now clunks in reverse, but I will baby this car to 200k. Radio doesn't come on. Power windows are seizing up. Car handles great, gas mileage is good, over 20 in the city. My side panels peeled too, but bought new ones for $100 instead of painting old ones. All in all I probably won't buy another Dodge.

General Comments:

Front end floats in the rain even with new tires.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2002

25th Apr 2004, 14:36

The dodge cars are good, but I can see how people would be upset if it keeps breaking. My suggestion is to see about high performance tranny parts.Also, a mechanic that won't rip you off.

1993 Dodge Intrepid ES 3.5L from North America


Nice, well-performing car with a few quirks


The front brake rotors warped at under 20,000 miles and I am on my 3rd set of rotors now. Otherwise the brakes have been very good. I still have the original calipers and I have only had to replace the rear brake pads once.

The transmission developed the "bump stop" (a harsh downshift into first gear when coming to a stop) that these cars are noted for around 80,000 miles. The dealer changed the transmission fluid and replaced the transmission control computer module and the bump stop went away for a few thousand miles. After the bump stop came back, I took the car back to them and they told me they couldn't do any more for it without dismantling the transmission. The dealer made no effort to tell me this was a common problem. I later found out that the bump stop would go away for a while every time I replaced the transmission fluid. Nevertheless, the original transmission is still in there at nearly 200,000 miles.

The air conditioning system has been the most costly repair item for this car by far. In less than three years, the compressor broke at a cost of almost $700. Chrysler had extended the warranty on the evaporator to 70,000 miles, but not the compressor. I found the dealer service department to be rude, arrogant, and less than forthcoming about how common air conditioner problems are with these cars. The next year, the evaporator developed a leak. Unfortunately, by this time I was over 70,000 miles. They wanted another $600 to replace it.

The finish on the trim between the rear door on the driver's side and the rear window started pealing after three or four years. I have seen many Intrepids with this same problem.

The timing belt pulley failed at 120,000 miles, which destroyed the timing belt and left me stranded.

The Infinity sound system failed at 175,000 miles.

The transmission mount failed at 198,000 miles.

The left drive shaft failed at 198,000 miles.

The headlights are very poor. Every other car I've ever owned (and I've owned cars from five different decades) has had far superior headlights.

The windshield wipers are very poor, also. I buy name brand wiper blades and they work OK when driving slowly, but during faster driving, they start missing spots. It is very annoying.

General Comments:

I have been very happy with the engine. It has always performed well and has only required routine maintenance, with the exception of the timing belt pulley problem mentioned above.

It is comfortable car to drive and ride in.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2002

3rd Aug 2013, 21:42

Well written - articulates the problems of these vehicles nicely.