2003 Dodge Intrepid SXT 3.5L HO from North America


Great buy, very reliable and comfortable


Rims are chrome, chrome pealed at 25000km.

Rims replaced by dealer under warranty.

Dealer replaced turning arm.

General Comments:

Very nice car overall.

Great price and overall quality.

Delivers comfort and style at a great price.

The car has never broken down and is always a blast to drive and modify.

Future changes include better lighting (fixed) along with a navigation option.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2006

2003 Dodge Intrepid ES 3.5L from North America


Sporty Space Shuttle


The only problem I have is that the fog/driving lights do not work.

That has nothing to do with reliability though!

General Comments:

It's peppy, cheap on gas, looks like a spaceship, and rides really nice.

I was worried I would miss my old car, but they are two totally different animals.

It's also easier on the mind knowing I have the 3.5, and not the 2.7.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2005

4th Sep 2010, 06:02

Your fog lights may actually work. When I first got my Dodge Intrepid ES, I didn't know how to turn on my fog lights. I figured it out after a little fiddling around. When you turn your lights on by turning the button to the right, you also then pull on that button once you turned the lights on, and it will pop out a little and the fogs will be turned on. Good luck.

I too also love my ES. My A/C compressor is making a noise at low acceleration, but that's minor and it's an overall great car. Smooth ride (rides like a limo) and good on gas with lots of power from the 3.5 when needed.

The black leather interior and sun roof turn this car into a sports luxury sedan. I'm very impressed overall, and would not want to go back to that POS 2.7 I had. Too bad Dodge destroyed the name of these cars by ever using that 2.7. I think they would have been much bigger hits, and sold a lot more overall, with quality engines to begin with.

2003 Dodge Intrepid SE 2.7L V6 from North America


Great car for the family or for the young single man


At 25,000 miles, the front rotors felt warped, but I will not replace/repair these until I need new tires.

At 32,000 miles, driver side radiator fan bearings went out. One month prior to this happening, I drove through some flood/rain water about 8-9 inches deep for a few minutes. Dealer replaced this under warranty and took care of a secret recall (belt tensioner) without any hassle.

General Comments:

This car has been used in Houston, TX for city and highway driving. I use Mobil 1 10w30 oil, Mopar ATF+4 transmission fluid and strictly follow the "severe service" maintenance schedule.

Positive Points:

This is a large car that looks like and handles like a sporty midsize, rides as smooth a $35k+ luxury car, and is as easy to drive, maneuever and park as a compact. Intrepid truly masks its size, and is impressive mechanical engineering for a "common man's vehicle." The engine and transmission are smooth operating. The interior easily holds five 6-footers comfortably for long trips. The trunk is also very large. Fit and finish are good -- no squeaks or rattles. The climate control is powerful. The 8-way power driver seat is very comfortable for long trips once adjusted properly. Original Goodyear GA tires appear durable if they are diligently rotated every 6,000 miles and kept at 30-32 psi. Styling is as flashy as it can be for a full size car.

Average Points:

The 2.7L engine is adequate in all driving, from city to highway, and the fuzzy logic transmission once programmed, keeps things fairly responsive. However, it is no real performer, as its advertised 200 horsepower comes in a split second before the transmission shifts under wide open throttle. Factory stereo/CD sounds OK for quality. The passenger and rear seats are comfortable enough. The interior layout and ergonomics are basic at best.

Negative Points:

This is a full size car and may require a fair amount of depth perception to drive with its "cockpit" view. Even though Intrepid has the same length and width dimensions as full size SUV's, this is not a good vehicle for drivers who feel at war on the road or are easily threatened, as the seating position is quite low. Some may complain about blind spots, but this can be overcome by a precise seat and mirror adjustment. Dashboard and console plastics are cheap. The stock Goodyear Eagle GA tires are poor for wet traction and noise levels and only get worse with wear. Transmission shifting is too smooth, and lacks the sporty "kick" during gear shifting. No 6-speed manual option for the 2.7L! Flashy styling and fake security features caused my car to almost be stolen.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2005

13th Mar 2005, 23:39

Your logic with the rotors is more warped then they are! Why wait til you get new tires? If you rotors go, you go with them. I hope they don't fail you at a bad time (well.. There isn't really a good time to fail, now is there?). When My rotors started to go, I replaced them with performance rotors (this was on an 02 Stratus), and the gain in stopping power was great! It saved me twice from hitting deer, and also helped for maneuvering through town.

And dude... It's an Intrepid. Mobil 1? Well... Your money. They do handle well, but hardly sporty. Personally, I think they are hideous. The front end, anyway. Other than that they are nice. I like the Chrylser Concorde (Intrepid equivalent) front end much better. Other than your comments on style, I agree with you for the most part.

The 200 hp is measured at the flywheel. Your only getting about 165 or so to the wheels, because of that auto tranny. But the 2.7 is a very adequate engine. I have one in my Stratus, and it performs very well. Be cautious of it's tendency to sludge up and fail. Synthetic is necessary, but pricey Mobil 1 is not.

Why does everyone complain about interiors? Almost half the reviews, or more, that go into any depth on the cars (good job, by the way, on the depth and precision of your review) they always complain about the interior! What do you people consider a good interior? For crying out loud! You want an affordable car, then you go complain about the materials used! You get what you pay for, so get over it.

I doubt the theft attempt had anything to do with anything "flashy" about an intrepid. A friend of mine had an 89 Reliant K stolen. Unless it's a legitimate sports car, or actual luxury vehicle, chances are the thief wasn't concerned with style. S/He just wanted a car. Overall, well done review. You just have some very odd views of your vehicle. One moment you call it flashy, the next you complain about quality, then you call it fancy again. Make up your mind, or get a Stratus. Smaller, faster, nicer, sportier. After the 01 model year, that is.