2003 Dodge Intrepid 2.7L from North America


2.7L engines are a disaster for the owners


Engine blew at 72000 miles. Warranty was to 70000 only - now Dodge wants $8000 to put in ANOTHER 2.7 engine, even though there are hundreds of complaints on-line about this engine. Bad design, engines seizing up and destroying your engine.

DO NOT buy an Intrepid, Dodge knows about this; even after class action lawsuits they are still refusing to recall these engines. $8000 a pop for engine replacement is ridiculous - they are making money off repairs to an inferior product. Do a search on 2.7 engine problems for Intrepids and you will see everyone's complaints about this car.

I have NEVER had an engine blow up on ANY car I have ever owned, and have keep the car meticulously maintained, so this is definitely a design problem.

General Comments:

DO NOT buy Intrepids!! You will be SORRY!!!

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Review Date: 9th December, 2008

2003 Dodge Intrepid SE Police 3.5 High Output V6 from North America


A gorgeous, roomy, well-handling car with no resale value or durability


Turn signal switch replaced under warranty.

Driver's seat adjuster replaced due to movement when braking (warranty).

Upper front strut mounts replaced due to clunking (warranty)

Passenger seat recline lever broken, replaced under warranty.

Camshaft position sensor replaced.

Oxygen sensor replaced.

Front pads and rotors replaced constantly. These rotors are awful!

Valve cover gaskets replaced (leaked)

Transmission valve body replaced (car stuck in 2nd gear)

Steering wheel never did point straight ahead, even after alignment.

Both front window regulators replaced (noisy)

And finally, the engine self-destructed at 96,000 miles.

General Comments:

I fell blindly in love with the looks and room of the Intrepid. I traded in my Toyota Tacoma, and never looked back. I always found myself looking back at the car as I walked away, even after years of ownership. There isn't a single line I would change about the styling. This was my first domestic car, and I would always defend it when people mentioned poor Chrysler quality. It had a few problems, yes, the most major being the valve body failure.

I meticulously maintained this car, changing all the fluids and filters right on time, and fixing any leaks as soon as they appeared. This car didn't even have any interior rattles after 96,000 miles. I changed the oil every 3000 miles, using only expensive Mobil 1 synthetic oil and a Mopar filter.

I drove this car everywhere from New York City, to Chicago, to San Francisco and Los Angeles. It served as my hotel room on several cross-country trips, and it returned 27-28 miles per gallon on the highway. I was very happy with my Dodge, and would have bought another.

Then the engine blew up. Why did this happen?? I used only the best oil, and changed it all the time. What kind of modern car can't even hit the 100K mile mark without an engine failure? This was my first domestic car, and it will be my last. I will run, not walk, back to Toyota or Honda. I'm sorry, Dodge, but you have a long way to go before being a serious contender in the passenger car business. I see Dodge diesel Rams all the time with 400-500,000 miles. Why did my car blow up so soon? Never again.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2008

20th Nov 2008, 15:36

Hi, I too experienced most of what you also experienced with your Dodge Intrepid.

Here's the info on 2.7L Engine Problems.


Here's the info of the steering problems and why your steering wheel was crooked from day one, even after alignments. They are known for having a poor steering design, prone to premature problems and failure.


2003 Dodge Intrepid from North America


Dodge Intrepid is a nightmare!


The engine seized at 90,000 miles even though oil changes were performed every 5,000 miles.

At 95,000 miles, the transmission stopped working.

The driver's side window had to be repaired twice. The glass kept coming off the tracks and falling through the door.

The brakes squeak constantly even if the pads and rotors are replaced.

General Comments:

This car is a vehicle used in the parks department. How does a engine and transmission blow within 5,000 miles of each other? LOL I feel bad for anyone who actually paid money for theirs. Stop by the lower states, you can pick up ours.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2007

8th Jun 2009, 19:46

A lot of these vehicles were used as rentals and by public agencies, then traded up once they reached a certain mileage or age.. and I can see why! Once the Intrepid hits 100k it craps out! You're actually lucky it even lasted that long. Totally a throw-away car..

4th Oct 2011, 07:05

I have a 2003 Intrepid 3.5L engine. It's a lot better than the 2.7.

It is important to use good quality oil. I use Mobil 1 5w30 synthetic.

This car has 250,000 km on it. The transmission oil should be changed as far as I'm concerned every year.

It has been a good car so far!!!