18th Jul 2001, 17:39

I own one, the things that have broke. I had them replace with after market parts that gave me a life time warranty. that solved a lot of the problems from repeating.

30th Jan 2002, 10:53

I have owned and worked on these cars for several years, and they are very reliable if taken care of. The reason Toyotas are considered reliable is that every time you bring one in for"maintenance", they replace half the car. Trust me, I have owned several and would never buy one again.

If you question Toyota's policy of "replace it before it breaks, so that we appear reliable", they get very defensive. The only people that think Toyotas are reliable are people that know nothing about cars, and just bring them in for "routine maintenance"!

13th Sep 2006, 15:42

I inherited my Dodge Intrepid from my Father. He had little problems.

It down shifts while driving and I lose my gages.

Placed on a scope, it shows no problems. Different dealers say different things at different prices.

Being a senior in age I'm afraid to drive it and can't afford the repairs. Guess I'm stuck.

19th Nov 2006, 01:21

By the time any car has 74,000 miles on the clock, many things can happen that effect the service life. My 93 E/S went almost 180,000 with minimal work. Granted at that time it took an engine, but that was very much due to condition of use.

The trans on these cars can be a weak point, there is a very small range between too low and too high on the fluid. I took a trans oil pan from a wrecking yard and made a deep pan and pick up for my Intrepid, and have had no problems since.

Finally, with any used car, I don't care who built it, if you're not up to checking it out take it to a shop and pay to have them OK the car before you buy.

15th Feb 2009, 19:25

We have a 94 Intrepid with over 200,000 mile we DO NOT TAKE IT FOUR WHEELING. As some one else seems to have done. The only weak link in the car was the transmission. I will be rebuilding it while the wife is away in the ARMY. I told her I was going to get rid of it and she threatened to divorce me if I did. This car was the best investment we made. So the guy with all the problems should maybe keep the car on the paved roads only or slow down on the dirt roads to 20 mph.