29th Apr 2003, 23:23

I have a 96 intrepid with 105,000 miles and I love the car, but, it needs front end work, it dies at stop signs or lights, not always, but it does. I love the looks of the car and all the room, but I also have small children. after hearing some of the problems, I'm getting a little nervous to own the car. I hope the car treats me as well as I treat it. always been a Mopar fan. But don't you think they could try a little harder in the quality department? They have the coolest designs today! I'm also having power window problems, transmission slippage, and a few other little problems. It's too bad, I love the car.

27th Jan 2004, 13:33

I own a 96 Dodge Intrepid. It has been through great-grandma, great-Uncle, dad, and now me. I have had this car for a little over a year and a half, and the air conditioning doesn't work, not has it ever, I have had to replace the radiator, it was leaking anti freeze so bad. I have had to replace the battery, which is normal maintence I am sure, buy tires that are a funny size and very expensive, and now it still won't start. I have had problems with overheating, airconditioning, leaky fluids, it makes a creaky noise when the steering wheel turns. It is so frustrating because I am a freshman in college, and very far away from home, and am clueless on what to do. Never buy a dodge intrepid again. They are so horrible.

31st Jan 2004, 00:38

I have owned a Dodge Intrepid for three years. It now has over 231,000 miles on it. We have had to replace a variety of worn parts, but until very recently, have not had to do major repairs. The fuel pump quit and just said, "no more". I liken it to a human at the heart attack stage. After a long period of over use, it's "arteries" clogged. I have truly enjoyed my Intrepid and would buy another.

Proud 1996 Dodge Intrepid owner. (Second owner as far as I know)

31st Jan 2004, 02:58

I've got a 1995 Dodge Intrepid with 3.3 If you put a scanner on this it tells you nothing. Yet the car continues to run like the piece of junk it is. Nobody at Dodge knows anything. Turn the high beams on and the engine check light comes on. All of the right bank plugs are fouled all of the time... They put it on the scanner...nothing. So I spit and sputter home. I was going to buy a Toyota at the time I bought this Dodge... God what a mistake. I think it was only 1500.00 more. Does anyone know what is wrong with this?? Changed plugs, wires and rail fuel pressure regulator... it was sending 70 lbs... At my wits end..dnh1@hotmail.com...Don't by a Dodge if your thinking about a new car... Run away, don't walk.

22nd Feb 2004, 15:18

I have gotten so much entertainment out of reading all these comments! I have owned two Dodge Intrepids. The first one I bought in 2000. It was a 1996. Don't get me wrong... I loved the room, and the sportiness of the car, but about a year after the purchase, my transmission went. I had a rebuilt transmission put in it, and you'll never believe it, it blew again. The motor for the air conditioning went, and I just let the thing sit. It sat in my driveway for about a year and a half (while I made the payments on it) until my sister-in-law decided to pay it off and fix it again and drive it. Now she has had it for 2 years, and has had no problens with it. It now has approx. 140,000 miles on it.

Now, call me gluten for punishment... I bough another one. LOL. This one was also a one owner used car. 1999 with 36,000 miles on it. Almost immediately, the problems started. First, I would get into the car, turn the key, NOTHING. Of course, this could not be diagnosed. I would turn on my wipers, and they would move half way up the windshield, stop, and stay there. Also, could not be diagnosed. This to me was amusing. They would say that they hooked it up to the "diagnostic computer" and it would say that there was no problems. Was I imagining all these problems? After having it in the dealership 3 times, getting the same reply every time, I told them to shove it. Next, the oil light came on at stops. This also took me 3 times in the shop to get fixed. I then had to take it in because...well, I may be a girl... but I KNEW I had a bad bearing, I KNEW IT. Three times I had it in the dealership. Three times they told me nothing was wrong with it... and it took them 6 weeks to tell me that. I finally had to take it to another Dodge, act like everything was "OK", and that I was just there for a 21 point inspection, just to make sure my car had "no" problems. Of course when the paperwork comes back... I HAD A BAD BEARING!!! At that point they had no choice, but to fix it.

My car make a whining noise when turning the wheel to the left... we still have a sound that indicates a bad bearing...oh, and this car only has 50,000 miles on it.

24th Jun 2004, 04:46

I own a 1996 intrepid with a 3.3 V6. I bought the car with just under 66,000 miles on it almost three years ago, it now has over 130,000 miles on it. I have had the water pump replaced, alternator, the inner and outer tie rods on the passenger side replaced twice and the driver side once, the belts replaced, and all major radiator hoses, rack and pinion bushings replaced, the passenger side strut and strut mount, replaced the front disc brakes three times and the rear brakes once, and now I need to replace the rear end struts, my car is now worth about $1750.00 if that, the car is not a bad car I really enjoy my intrepid, but the parts are extremely expensive to replace and some times it doesn't seem worth it, but I still have the car not to mention the car gets really good gas mileage especially on the freeways. UT intrepid owner (2112)

28th Aug 2004, 17:21

My intrepid has 175000+ miles on it and I have had to do minor repairs every two years or so. I beat my cars to death with excessive speeds and braking. Aside from changing brakes every other time I change oil, this car has treated me great for 10 years.

I am here because I googled for help on replacing the tie rods in my 94 Intrepid after 10 years of abuse.

Only major problem that caused me to stop on the road was my CV joint breaking. I chalk that up to my abuse of the car.

Only the intrepid has stood up to my abuse, I have sent a Pontiac home limping after a week.

10th Sep 2004, 07:26

I own a 1996 Dodge Intrepid which I bought brand new. It has had nothing, but problems since I bought it. It has 81,000 miles. The engine skips when I come to a stop. It randomly will not shift down gears when accelerating and I have to stop and turn the car off for 5 minutes and it returns to normal. I have taken it to the dealer on more than one occasion and they can't find anything wrong with it. I have had to replace the fuel pump twice. I've had to replace the dimmer switch twice because my lights would not come on. The air bag light goes on and off at random times. It creaks when I turn the steering wheel to the left or right and when I accelerate. The air conditioning went out exactly a year ago and it just went out again yesterday. This car has definitely been nothing, but a headache since I got it. I'm about to trade it in. Hopefully I'll get something for the P.O.S! Any suggestions on what to get? I will never own a Chrysler car again.